Avi Weisfogel creates a GoFundme account for charity

Avi Weisfogel makes the initiative to help others by launching a GoFundMe campaign for the international charitable organization, Operation Smile. The goal of this GoFundMe campaign is $2000.

For those that are not familiar with the international charity, Operation Smile, is an organization that is focused on providing free services such as surgical procedures to children and young adults. This particular organization has been able to assist individuals with a cleft palate or lips and other types of facial disfigurements.

Avi Weisfogel has stated in a recent interview that he believes that all children deserve to receive superior and proper surgical care, regardless of where they live or come from. Weisfogel also believes that the services provided by Operation Smile can help to provide these young children and adults a healthier and brighter future.

The money that will be raised for Operation Smile will be used pay for medical missions in third world countries and other locations around the world. The way that Operation Smile works is that it recruits the services and input of various local individuals such as doctors, hospital staff, government official, and other organizations. In addition to helping provide services to the children and your adults in need these recruited individuals help to plan out the visits of Operation Smile. With help of their input, Operation Smile is able to effectively and productively help more people which contribute the visits of Operation Smile being a success.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is more than just a campaign organizer for Operation Smile. He is a full-time dentist with a love for his work and people. His giving heart is not only seen in the services that he volunteers for Operation Smile but also at his own practice. He has been known to provide needed dental services to individuals who had limited finances. Though he has a big heart, his dental practice has been able to grow over the year and he has been recognized as one of the best in the country.

Dr. Weisfogel has been a part of the Operation Smile organization for many years, and hopes to be able to volunteer his time to them for many more to come.

Does Brushing Really Cause Hair Growth

There are a lot of people that want their hair to grow out. They may be wondering what is happening to make the hair grow and grow faster. There are several factors that go with it.

Hair Growth

Hair normally grows at a pace that is not effected by most things. Some people will try oils or will try medication that is supposed to make the hair grow faster. The thing is this is not always how hair is grown out and can be something that people will just have to wait for.


There are options that many people think of as possibly helping the hair grow. Brushing is a common idea when looking at growing out hair. Brushing the hair can make it feel better and may take the dead hair from the head. This also will help them to have a healthier head of hair.

The Myth of Hair Growth

There are some that think people can do certain things in order to make the hair grow faster. These things are normally said to girls and passed on to their children. When someone hears that they can use a certain oil to make their hair grow, they believe it. Brushing the hair is also a myth that people believe they can do in order to get the longer hair.

There are a lot of options when people are trying to grow out their hair, but they may not understand how it works. Hair just has to be taken care of and it will grow at the rate it is supposed to. Hair is going to grow as it wants depending on how well people take care of it.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden: An Inspiring Woman

You’ve likely heard of the ever popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden. This intelligent professional is well known for her many achievements, her education and her practices that have gained her a spot as on of the top twenty four surgeons in America. Between running her practice, raising a family in Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden balances it all beautifully and is highly praised for her success.

When Dr. Walden started her education, she stayed local and attended the University of Texas. Upon graduation, she got accepted into medical school shortly after and ended up completing her Masters as Salutatorian. She then decided that become a plastic surgeon was the right path for her- she loved the artistry of the procedure, and wanted to help women gain confidence about their looks. She was matched to UT Galveston, and then later qualified one out of two for an exclusive fellowship programs at Manhattan EyeEar and Throat Hospital. She enjoyed Mangattan so much that she opened her first practice right in the city.

For over thirty years now, Dr. Walden has practiced plastic surgery. In the midst of her career, she decided that she would have in-vitro-fertilization. The only thing missing in her life was the joy of being a mother. She had twins soon after named Rex and Houston. She decided to stay in her hometown of Austin to raise her family and decided to open up a new practice there as well.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has received many awards, is a published author and a complete media darling. She is also currently the only woman on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Her list of accomplishments goes on and on- this woman cannot be stopped. She is simply an inspiration to women everywhere.


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Wen By Chaz Hits a Home Run, Again.

For years Chaz Dean has been giving women beautiful hair. He is a celebrity stylist for some of our favorite celebs and you cannot help but envy them all. These women walk down red carpets flawlessly. They walk the walk, talk the talk and their beautiful hair makes them that much more kick butt awesome. I mean we all can listen to a woman as long as she has beautiful hair right? Perhaps maybe it’s just me but hey great hair does work wonders on attitudes and it also builds a ton of confidence so why not choose to have great hair, right?
Recently I found out through facebook of a beauty blogger over at Bustle shared her personal experience using WEN hair. I was actually intrigued by her results. She doesn’t have flawless hair nor does she have this amazing hair texture that makes her a perfect candidate for this QVC advertised product but she does have the heart to take a chance and for her this chance was certainly worth it. After a few days of testing out the products you can see the dramatic changes in the photos she posted. No, she didn’t look exactly like the women in the commercial but you could honestly see the transformation in her hair. We shouldn’t be surprised though Chaz Dean has been making an impact on women’s hair for years. Visit http://www.wen.com/, the Official WEN Hair website. Wen hair is available online via Amazon.com.


White Shark Media Review – 3 Ways This Digital Marketing Agency Has Improved Its Business

White Shark Media is easily one of the top digital marketing agencies in the country. They have been responsible for helping hundreds of small businesses attract new clients and boost sales through the power of online marketing.

Since opening their doors in 2011, White Shark Media has had some ups and downs. As with all new companies, they had to deal with clients who weren’t all that happy with the service they were providing. The team knew they had to do something quickly if they were going to stay in business.

Instead of ignoring their clients they took all of their feedback to heart and used it to help them provide better service.

Here are 3 ways White Shark Media Review has improved their overall business:

#1 – Focused On Improving Communication

In the digital marketing world good communication is an absolute must. Without it your business will fail. When clients started complaining about how difficult it was for them to reach their contact person, White Shark Media Complaints knew it was time for a change.

Previously clients would have to call in to the receptionists desk to get their contact person. Now, with a new telephone system in place, clients can contact their strategist directly. This one change has eliminated a great deal of frustration on the clients part.

#2 – Started Providing Phone Tracking For Local Clients

For local clients, the majority of their customer inquires come via the phone. Unfortunately the clients weren’t able to track those calls and therefore wasn’t sure if their campaigns were working.

To address this issue White Shark Media partnered with Marchex and started offering call tracking to all clients. This is such an important option that they also offer it at no additional cost with their AdWords management plans.

#3 – Ensured Clients Could Easily Track AdWords Performance

Many clients had no idea how to track the performance of their AdWords campaign. This of course caused a big problem because clients weren’t sure if their campaigns were working or not.

Now White Shark Media has an in house process where they install call tracking, conversion tracking and Google Analytics when needed. This is done free of charge and has made a huge difference in overall client satisfaction.

These are just three of the ways White Shark Media has improved their business in recent years.

If you are interested in learning how they can help you improve yours.

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Thor Halvorssen Is Honest About Socialism

Left or right, it takes some stones to tell it like it is. That’s what Thor Halvorssen did on Fox News recently. If you’re unfamiliar with Thor Halvorssen, know that he’s a humanitarian philanthropist who heads several human rights organizations and is well-known as a film producer. Currently he is working on an adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” with X-Men directer Bryan Singer.


Thor is unquestionably liberal, but when asked what he thought of socialism on Fox, he quickly said that socialism constituted fundamental human rights abuses. As the interview progressed, it was revealed that Thor’s mother was murdered during the Hugo Chavez regime, and that his father had been imprisoned. He also has a nephew that is currently behind bars. So that explains his description of socialism as a human rights violation. What was perplexing was his further statement that he had given the largest possible legal contribution to the Bernie Sanders campaign. When questioned on this, Halvorssen said that Hillary Clinton has been regularly funded by dictatorial regimes; the implication being that she’s a puppet on their strings. He also pointed out that the Republican front-runner is in the same boat–being funded by dictatorial interests from beyond the country.


So as it turns out, Thor Halvorssen isn’t voting for Bernie Sanders because of his socialist leanings. In fact, during the interview, the concept was discussed that most Bernie supporters don’t actually understand the socialistic concepts for which they’re advocating. Thor isn’t this kind of supporter; he’s a strategist by his own word. He’s betting on the lesser of two evils, because even though socialism is horrible, the kind of people Hillary is in contact with are even worse.


The modern election seems to be this way: supporters on either side of the fence aren’t so interested in the candidate themselves, they’re interested in choosing a candidate who will be the least damaging to the country. What this means about American politics is an interesting thought to contemplate.
Whatever the case, Thor Halvorssen did not pull any punches, and his perspective was clearly communicated.

Additional Information: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thor-halvorssen/


Growing Need for Compliance As Epitomized By Helane Morrison

The increase in business dealings has been on the trajectory due to many factors that have facilitated it. The globalization brought about by improvement in infrastructures has made many regions in the world that had hitherto been inaccessible accessible. The growth of ICT has also ensured that the world is and will remain a global village. As a result, individuals and multinationals have experienced ease my penetration and access to such regions. It’s therefore very easy for a multinational corporation in the USA to set up an office and start operations with ease without taking a whole team of expatriates there since more and more people in the world have become educated.


The growth in business has necessitated the growth and encouragement of compliance. The professionals and companies operating within and outside the jurisdiction of the USA have to meet the set rules and regulation. Failure to respond to these regulations is deemed as a breach of the law which can result in the cancellation of the business or individual licenses.


The changing modern business world is experiencing a change wave due to its robustness. Today, there are set bodies both in the local and central government tasked with ensuring that organizations comply with the set rules and regulations. Industries like insurance, Banking and casino and betting industry are some of the businesses that over the years have grown exponentially. As a result, measures have to be put to control their business to ensure that they are compliant with the set rules and regulations.


Compliance professionals today have to undergo rigorous training for accreditation. In the USA< such professionals have to go through training and get accredited by the Society of Compliance and Ethics before being deemed qualified. The Executive officer says that the growth of the number of professional is an indicator that there is the need for self-regulation and conformity to the government policies.


Many organizations also acknowledge the need for a compliance officer, and that is why they have internal auditors. The internal auditors analyzes investigate and educate employees on ethical practice, policies, and laws to abide by. Therefore, the role of a compliance officer is to train staff and organizations and ensure they do not engage in illegal business practices that may put the team in jeopardy.


Helane Morrison is the epitome of compliance officer in the modern world. She has risen through the ranks over the years to become one of the most powerful women in the world of conformity. This makes her unique and an inspiration to every aspiring compliance officer.

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Athleisure is Here to Stay

The last few years have been interesting for both the fashion industry and interesting for the athletic industry. What once were two mutually exclusive genres of clothing have merged to create an entirely new breed of street clothing, known as athleisure.

Athleisure is clothing designed to be worn to the gym and around town. Perhaps athleisure is the product of leggings being accepted as a suitable substitute for pants, or as a way for the healthy lifestyle community to make transitioning from running errands to running for fitness less time consuming. The athleisure consumer is ready to work out at any time, or at the very least, strives to appear that way.

The trend didn’t stop at fitness clothing lines. It continued to expand until athleisure could be seen on runways in New York, Paris, and Milan. Chanel, Dior, and Louboutin all showed athletic footwear and sporty clothes. Celebrities have been spotted wearing athletic clothing to events.

Most recently, Beyonce made a splash by releasing her own athleisure brand, Ivy Park. Both fast fashion houses and athletic powerhouses, such as Nike and Adidas, have been capitalizing on the athleisure trend.

One company has found a niche by combining the athleisure trend and the public’s desire for easy and affordable shopping via a curated collection. Fabletics, founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, is a subsidiary of successful shoe subscription service JustFab. For just $49.95 per month, shoppers are given access to a curated collection of athleisure pieces chosen just for them based on their lifestyle and workout preferences.

Leggings, yoga pants, workout tops, and even swimwear are selected for each individual shopper, saving consumers time and money. Through heavy advertising on social media platforms and word of mouth incentives, the brand has grown in a short time to rival even athleisure superpower Lululemon.

Athleisure is a trend that’s here to stay thanks to innovative startups, such as Fabletics (Wikipedia), and a public hungry for more opportunities to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily routine.

How Good Are Designer Surgeries From Dr. Jennifer Walden?

Dr. Jennifer Walden helps women find something that she calls their inner diva, and it is something that all women will want to see. It is the thing that they remember from when they were teenagers, and they can still get it back with some help. Dr. Jennifer does a lot of surgeries that help women look really good, and she is going to help women with even more surgeries that are made in a designer style.


Designer surgeries are not supposed to be medically necessary, but they do help women feel really good when they know that they are going to have to make a change to their bodies. The most popular designer surgery today is a vagina surgery that actually corrects any protrusion. This is going to create a really smooth shape that women will be happy with if they are in swimwear, and it helps women who like to wear tight yoga pants during the day.


Women deserve to be able to wear tight pants, and they should be able to go to the beach without worrying about what they will look like when they make their way to the water. The best thing that any woman can do is to make sure that she is getting a consult to see what results she can get. Dr. Jennifer shows women on a computer screen how they can change their bodies, and this goes to the most intimate parts of them when needed.


The surgeries that Dr. Jennifer does are all handled in her office, and they are done quickly to allow women to heal in the office. The smart move for all women is to ask for help when they are not happy with the things they have seen.


Dr. Jennifer can help women make sure that they are going to look their best with all kinds of surgeries. The surgeries help women look amazing, and they allow women to get instant results. Dr. Jennifer does a lot of work for women out of her home office, and it makes women feel comfortable when they finally decide to change their bodies.


Lime Crime And Its Bold Lip Colors Get Noticed

Beautiful lips are one fashion asset that just never goes out of style. Though that’s a truism anyone who follows the beauty world knows about, that fact is getting a new boost from the Kardashian gals and their new line of lipsticks. It’s call Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner, and this Kardashian offering has many beautiful shades and textures of lip color to choose from.

Kylie Jenner is a beautiful young woman who of course comes from the (notable for their TV reality shows) Jenner-Kardashian line, and she is involved in the beauty and glamour world just like her sister Kim Kardashian. Kylie has a face that was made to wear a variety of makeup shades, and she’s been having fun lately playing with her hair color (which has gone from dark brunette to blonde). Kylie favors bold lip colors, and one of the new choices from her lip color line is a dark burgundy that is a real stunner.

The lip colors from Kylie’s lipstick line are of great quality but they are also priced high, which is why it’s good to know of some excellent alternatives out there. One of the best choices is the Lime Crime Velvetines Lip Color. This brand has a shade of dark burgundy called “Jinx,” and it is a stunning, very attention getting shade. This lip color goes on liquid and then sets to a bold, very opaque matte texture, and it is long lasting and kissable as can be.  This color can be bought on Amazon, otherwise many choose to visit Urban Outfitters brick and mortar stores.

For women who love the look of beauties like Ms. Jenner, but who hesitate at breaking the bank for fashion, Lime Crime is an excellent cosmetics choice.  Be sure to follow the Lime Crime Facebook, or else you can check out Twitter if you prefer.