No Sickness in Summertime

Recent years have seen a swell in controversy surrounding vaccinating children. Previous studies that were produced in the 1980s were designed as a fear campaign against big medical companies. FreedomPop review wrote that these unsubstantiated studies would suggest that vaccinating children could lead to autism and other developmental delays. This campaign came at a time where medical studies on children were being released frequently without much scientific backing. Educated scientists weren’t releasing these studies, but individuals paid to smear the name of unconventional medicine. Fortunately, these studies have been retracted and disproven.

In recent years, board educated scientists have reconstructed these studies and have found them to be extremely flawed and inconclusive. Groups and individuals that advocate for children’s health and vaccines are currently releasing data and advice for parents who are looking to vaccinate their children. These groups have determined that the summer time is the best time to vaccinate children. During school months, children are exposed to a plethora of germs and viruses. Coming into contact with numerous other children can further the spread of these germs and viruses.

Researchers believe that during the summer time, the child’s immune system can balance itself in the environment that the child is most in: their home. Getting your child vaccinated during the summer time will ensure that their immune system is at its most adaptable. The vaccines can do their work in the child’s body and have them at their healthiest for the next school year.

Caffeine Brings More than a Boost

In recent years, coffee has become more of a benefit, than a vice. For years, people thought that too much coffee could lead to things like depression, anxiety, and even heart disease and heart related issues. Recent studies have concluded that coffee is actually more beneficial when moderately consumed in the average diet. The study showed that coffee in its purest form is packed with essential antioxidants and free radicals among other substances. A more recent study has noted that regular consumption of coffee and other caffeine related products, can lower the developmental risk of erectile dysfunction in men over the age of 30. Researchers gathered a group of men who suffered from symptoms of erectile dysfunction for the study. The men were asked to record every time they drink coffee, tea, energy drinks, or any other caffeine related product. The numbers came back in and the men who drank 41 milligrams to 70 milligrams of caffeine a day, would reduce their risk by 47 percent. However, men who consumed 71 milligrams or more, were only reducing their risk 39 percent. These numbers just go to show that coffee in moderation is actually beneficial. Even “too much” coffee could reduce the erectile dysfunction risk but only slightly less than with moderate use. It is also important to remember that the men in this research also suffered from other ailments. High blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension among other diseases were seen throughout the study. Erectile dysfunction is a common symptom for these types of medical setbacks. Even with their ailments, James Dondero noticed that coffee significantly reduced the risk. More studies are to be done to see if consistent moderate consumption of coffee will reduce the risk even further.

France Makes it Illegal for Supermarkets to Throw Away Food

In America, nearly one third of our entire food supply goes to waste. France was experiencing the same problem but has now created legislation that makes it illegal for supermarkets to throw away food that is still edible.

The new law that was voted in by the National Assembly in France requires supermarkets to give food to charity, or allow it to be recycled into animal feed, compost, or energy. In several other countries, such as the United Kingdom, it is currently illegal to obtain food that has been thrown away by large supermarkets. A terribly unjust law considering how many people are starving, even in developed countries, all over the world.

Even though America is thought to be a land full of riches, there are millions of American citizens who go to bed every night hungry. Keith Mann agrees that this is something that should not be happening anywhere, let alone in wealthy nations.

Hopefully the legislative changes in France will inspire America’s politicians to pass similar laws. There really is no good reason why one third of our food ends up in garbage cans when there are people right down the street who are in need of it. Hunger is not a problem we should be facing in America in 2015, but it is. However, we can end this widespread concern by putting a few simple laws on the book.

UFC 187 Salaries are Pathetic

UFC fighters have been complaining about pay since the sport’s inception. However, the UFC 187 fight salaries were recently revealed, and it’s not hard to see why fighters are upset with their pay. Chris Weidman is the UFC middleweight champion, and he only made $500,000 for his win against Vitor Belfort.

Why is the middleweight champion not even worth $1-million dollars? In the past, Anderson Silva has made five to seven million dollars for his outings in the ring, but Chris Weidman has never been paid a $1-million for a fight. The UFC surely made millions of dollars for the UFC 187 event.

Not a single fighter received over $500,000 for fighting at UFC 187 according to Homejoy. It should also be noted that Anthony Johnson was paid $500,000 for his fight, and he lost. However Chris Weidman was paid $500,000, and that included a win bonus. The UFC 187 payouts were extremely strange. Why is Anthony Johnson worth $500,000? Anthony was never a champion, and he isn’t as popular as Chris Weidman is. Also, it should be noted that Daniel Cormier was only paid $180,000, and that included his win bonus. Cormier beat Johnson in the main event, but he earned only 40% of Anthony’s purse.

Yahoo! Sports features the full payout list, and UFC fans will be extremely surprised when they read it. It seems that the UFC still does not treat its fighters fairly, and the only one profiting from the blood of these fighters is the promoter. Dana White constantly talks about how well his fighters are paid, but numbers do not lie.

First Flight to Germtown

Germs are one of the only known substances that are everywhere. Just like oxygen, germs touch every part of the globe. Germs can even be in different forms and can adapt to different surfaces. Germs that are in the oxygen, germs that are on surfaces, and germs that are in the human body, are just some of the forms of known germs. A Canadian student just won $75,000 for his invention that will essentially keep germs from spreading on airplanes and throughout different cities and countries. Raymond Wang is just 17 years old and he took home the winning trophy from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. After outbreaks of Ebola and the swine flu, Wang studied how most viruses are spread throughout the air. Viruses that are spread through the air are more contagious than viruses that can live on surfaces. Air travel makes it extremely difficult to contain these viruses. Wang decided to tackle the problem and reimagine traditional airline cabins. Wang has invented a fin-like device that will centralize air flow within the cabin. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick have found that the devices will essentially create a personalized ventilation zone for each and every passenger. His design will cost no more than $1,000, and can be put on any plane overnight. Wang has changed the way that people travel and how safety between destinations will be looked at. Intel will use his ideas and invest them into airline companies.

Keith Mann turns continues activism in the face of cancer

To members of the Animal Liberation Front the activist Keith Mann is something of a hero, whether it is his decision to stand as a candidate in British elections as an Animal Welfare Party candidate or his stance on his own illness Mann puts animals first. Amongst the many problems facing Keith Mann in the 21st century is his battle with the incurable form of cancer known as follicular lymphoma.

Keith Mann was born in Rochdale, Greater Manchester and quickly found his way to a life and career involving animals and their welfare. Mann found an empathy with animals that was first seen when on a work placement from school and he realized the cows at a dairy farm were crying for their young taken from them to increase milk production. Following this Mann became involved with the Animal Liberation Front and has been arrested on numerous occasions for his work to reduce the impact of fox hunting and animal vivisection. You can hear him talk about his time as an activist in this interview or this one with the BBC.

The love of animals has extended far into the life of Keith Mann and will see him face his own battle with cancer against the backdrop of his own thoughts about the role of animals in testing pharmaceuticals. The animal activist will now accept traditional medications that may have been tested on animals and will instead seek out alternative and natural treatments, such as Gerson Therapy that he hopes will extend his life in the face of this incurable form of cancer. You can donate through the Keith Mann auctions Facebook if you’d like or follow him on Twitter for the latest updates.

Read the full article here.

Simple Tests to Tell if Your Memory Loss Is Dementia or Normal Aging

We all have situations where we can’t remember where we put our car keys or forgot the name of someone we just met five minutes after they told it to us. The fact that nearly all of us, except those lucky enough to have an eidetic memory, forget things occasionally can be a nuisance. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick ( know that such situations become particularly worrisome, however, when you get older. If you notice yourself forgetitng things a lot when you are in your 60s and 70s, is it simple memory loss or might you be in the first stages of a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to find out as the latter can be a serious life altering condition that friends and family members need to know about in case the person afflicted needs to be cared for.

There are simple tests that differentiate between simple memory loss that occurs naturally with age and a real problem. One of these has been in use since the 1970’s and is called the Mini-Mental State Exam. There is another one called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment that came into use in the 1990’s, and it is considered more accurate. These take 10 to 12 minutes and can provide an accurate picture of whether a loved one is just suffering the normal lapses that come with age or if there is a problem you need to be concerned with.

What Your Grip Strength Says About Your Health

We all know how important heart health is, and researchers are always on the hunt to figure out how to prevent it. A recent study revealed a surprisingly strong correlation between grip strength and cardiovascular disease.

More than 100,000 people participated in the study which lasted four years. Researchers gathered a wide variety of data on each person including height, weight, exercise level, diet, blood pressure, and behavioral patterns.

Participants who had a weaker grip strength also has a 17 percent risk increase of dying from heart disease, and also a much greater chance of suffering from heart attack and stroke. Researchers found no link between grip strength to other common diseases such as diabetes and pneumonia reports Boraie Development.

Dr. Darryl Leong is an assistant professor at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada and was the lead author of the study. Leong explains that it is still unclear whether or not developing grip strength could possibly prevent heart disease and stroke. It is possible the results are reflective of the person’s overall level of health and well being.

Exercise is a well-documented method of preventing a long list of diseases, including cardiovascular disease. Now, physicians might also start recommending resistance training to increase grips strength if the results above are confirmed with other studies.

10 Foods That are Not as Healthy as They Seem

Most of us are trying to eat healthier, but it’s not easy with all the conflicting information we’re getting. Folks at Amen Clinics are familiar with the pattern: One day a food or beverage is good, the next day a new study finds it to be bad for us.
Such is the results of these 10 foods that we thought were good for us, but turn out not to be so.
* Bran muffins have grown in size and calorie count over the last few years, making them not so good for us. The bran is good, but the high calories are not.
* Dried fruit is a portable treat that can be enjoyed anywhere. It also contains double the amount of calories as the fresh version.
* Energy bars are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, fat and calories. Some contain more calories than a chocolate candy bar of equal size.
* Orange juice contains fructose.
* Multi-grain anything only has to contain more than one grain. Grains may be refined and processed in the product, read the label.
* Microwave popcorn often has many additives, including fat and flavoring.
* Pre-made salads at restaurants and supermarket delis are loaded with fat for flavor.
* Fruit smoothies are loaded with vitamins, minerals and added sugar.
* Any type of fat-free food probably has double the amount of sugar and/or salt as the regular variety.
* Some nut butters have added sugar and saturated fats.

Beneful Is Full Of Healthy Options

It’s no coincidence that Beneful sounds like beneficial. That’s because that is exactly what Beneful Dog Food is. It’s food that is beneficial to a dogs health and safety. Baneful is packed full of wholesome and necessary ingredients that helps a dog to grow, thrive, and live a happy life. Beneful is Purina owned and that company strives to make sure that each and every bag or container of dog food that goes out is safe for consumption.

Beneful flavors are an endless array of options. They provide dry dog food for whatever your dogs needs may be! There food is tested and ensured safe. They also have different types and formulas depending on what a dogs need is. This is perfect because for a dog there sometimes isn’t a one size fits all model when it comes to food. A person with a new puppy can choose to purchase Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies. It’s got all the neccesary ingredients that a dog needs to grow big and strong. It helps pups to maintain a healthy weight.

There is of course the original option which is always a popular choice. This one is filled with the necessary ingredients to keep a dog healthy. Now Beneful products don’t just end with dry dog food. There are also wet dog food options. It all depends on owners preference and what they want to feed their pup. Dogs will go crazy for the delicious taste of wet dog food! Here there are different options for their pallets as well. The wet dog food comes in beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, and even more options!

Finally, all good dogs deserve treats! Beneful provides treats and snacks that are still healthy. It says it right there in the title for many of the products. They have options such as Healthy Smile Ridges, and Heartfuls. Just by hearing the name, an owner knows they are getting a high quality product that will keep their pup happy and healthy.

Overall, Beneful works to ensure that all of it’s dog foods are doing exactly what they are promised to do. That is keeping a dog healthy and safe. A dog can’t take care of itself, it relies on it’s owners to do so. Therefore, it’s important that an owner is feeding a dog food that it knows will make them happy, and keep up their energy and health. Beneful has the years of experience of making dogs happy everywhere.