Beneful Is The Only Choice For My Pet

I’m a pet owner who takes very good care of their pet, but I wasn’t taking much care of myself. I thought that the food I was eating was good enough for me, but I was constantly getting sick. It turns out that the area I lived had bad air that was making me sick, and it didn’t help to be indoors. I ended up having to move to another location that was pretty isolated because it was in the middle of the woods. I lived off the beaten path in my own cabin, and I had to drive many miles to find a grocery store.

Although my pet had a lot of room to run around, there were no other dogs around for him to play with. I was getting better, and I would go into town once in a while buy dog food. Unfortunately, the closest grocery store didn’t have the dog food I always buy, which is Beneful. I really didn’t want to switch foods, but last-minute I had to buy a bag of dog food, just so my dog would have something to eat for the next few days. I only use Beneful brand foods, but I didn’t know how I would get it where I moved to. I was determined to continue feeding my dog Beneful because I believe it kept him healthy, compared to the foods that he used to eat in the past.

I got the mail regularly, and it gave me an idea. I went online, and I started searching on the Beneful facebook website, and it turns out that there is a store online that will sell me the Beneful products, and they mail the products directly out to me. I couldn’t have been happier because I was really determined to keep feeding my pet Beneful, especially since I like how nutritious the food was. I decided to stock on as much as the food as I could, so I wouldn’t have to worry about another shipment for a while.

Not only did I get a discount by ordering the food in bulk, but the food was shipped directly to my home, and I couldn’t be happier about that. My dog now has all the Beneful that he can eat, and I no longer go to the store in town to purchase dog food. I’m glad that Beneful has an alternative to purchasing dog food, as opposed to having to go to a local grocery store, especially since my closest grocery store doesn’t carry the Beneful brand of dog food. I’m glad to know that while I’m getting better, I can still feed my dog the food that he loves.

Andy Wirth– A Physical and Professional Inspiration


Born 52 years ago in Nuebrucke, Germany, Andy Wirth currently serves as President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. A graduate of Colorado State University, Andy worked his way up through the ski resort personnel ranks beginning as a 15 year old volunteer ranger.

Andy began his career assuming various park ranger responsibilities with Rocky Mountain and San Pedro parks. He also served as a  member of the Hot Shot Wild Land Fire Crew.

Wirth was also involved as an olympic sporting events coordinator specializing in olympic games event send-offs for competitions in Vancouver. 

Throughout his professional life, Wirth has served as a member and financial participant for many civic organizations, fire protection groups and environmental health entities.

In addition to being named Business Leader of the Year 2002 for Steamboat Springs, Colorado, it could be said that one of Andy Wirth’s proudest moments occurred when he was named USA Disabled Sports Citizen of the Year in 2014. Ironically, this accolade happened following a 2013 skydiving accident resulting in 23 successful surgical procedures intended to restore usage of his right arm that was severed in the mishap. 

Currently residing in Truckee, California, with his wife Karen and other family members, one of  Andy Wirth’s favorite charities is the Navy SEAL Foundation for which he has raised some $40,000 to date. 

Not content to sit on the sidelines and watch other sportsmen compete in competitions, many half-marathons and triathlons find Andy Wirth as a participating contestant.  Unlike many individuals who have experienced traumatic physical injuries as did Andy Wirth, Andy is not content to rely on a treadmill to keep in shape. His typical daily workout regime includes almost daily trail runs averaging 45 to 90 minute stints along with daily exercise at Lahonton Golf Club’s fitness center. 

In addition to his other accomplishments and endeavors, Andy appeared in a 2013 episode of TV’s ever-popular “Undercover Boss” program during which Wirth masked himself as “David,” a ski resort personnel member responsible for the execution of a wide range of activities including ski patrol assistance, snow shoveling and attempting chair-lift repair.

Start Dating In Russia By Joining The AnastasiaDate Website

It’s hard to believe that in a world with billions of people in it, anyone can be alone, but it’s not uncommon to see people that are single. Some people stay single by choice while others are single for other reasons. Those who no longer want to be single will choose different methods to start dating. In general, a person may find themselves looking for a date online, but maybe they are not into dating websites. The reason a dating website is the best choice is because it catered to those looking for dates. Although one can go and look in a local newspaper for singles, this approach is no longer necessary.

Someone who chooses to explore the dating world online has a lot to look forward to. Dating online means that the person has access to millions of people that are out there, even if they go to a specific online dating website. Men who have great interest in Russian women have several websites to choose from, but the best site to choose is AnastasiaDate. AnastasiaDate has been ranked as the number one website for men looking for Russian women, and there are several reasons for this. The biggest reason why the website is so popular is because of the huge variety of beautiful women on the website as well as having many ways of contacting those women.

AnastasiaDate has several policies in place to help protect their clients, and they want everyone to have a fun time, and there are hopes that each person on the website will find love. Not only does the website protect the interests of the men on the site, but the women have the interests protected as well. The AnastasiaDate website is simply a platform in which two people from different countries come together to meet, and they possibly may end up falling in love. Although there is no promise of love on the AnastasiaDate website, one can start the dating process by using the website.

Those that are interested in Russian women, they can go to AnastasiaDate, and create an account. An account is free to create, and the only charge that the website has is when purchasing points. The points used on the website are a form of money, and the points are necessary in order to talk with the women on the website. Each woman has her own choice when it comes to forms of contact, and some women do have video chat available. If a man is looking to get to know a Russian woman from the AnastasiaDate website, then they only need to start by communicating with that lady.

The Best Food for Your Dog

Beneful is the leading producer of high quality dog food. This dog food combines natural ingredients into a perfect nutritional package for your dog. Just as humans need and desire variety in their diet, dogs require and crave the selection that Beneful has to offer. Both wet and dry food products are available, with a range of proteins sources such as beef, lamb, pork or chicken available. Various sizes and blends allow you to purchase the food that your dog needs in the quantity and quality they demand. With snacks from cookies to crackers, and flavors from peanut butter to bacon, your dog will never get tired of eating Beneful products.

All of Beneful’s delicious products are produced in Purina facilities, where quality and safety are of the highest concern. Your dog is important to you, and Beneful produces products that reflect the respect you have for your best friend. Purina employees work their because of their own love for their dogs, leading them to choose no other brand but Beneful for their special companions.

Beneful created the “Dog Goldberg Machine,” featured in a clever commercial where the dogs work together as a machine to open up Beneful dog food, enjoy it, and release a stream of tennis balls across the set. Beneful promotes the idea “It’s good for you” about their dog food, illustrating their commitment to quality and satisfaction. If you want what’s best for your dog, then you will find Beneful the premium choice for your confidence and your dog’s happiness.

Mobile Wireless Services Include Hotspots With Unlimited Access

Anyone who is tired of paying for expensive hotspots from their current carrier, or if they want a more secure wifi connection, then they are encouraged to join Freedom Pop. FreedomPop has many options when it comes to Internet service, but their most popular plan is the unlimited wifi plan. For only five bucks a month a person can access wifi from any one of the FreedomPop hotspots, and all that’s needed is the app on a phone or a mobile device. As long as a person has an android or an iPhone, they can get unlimited wifi from FreedomPop.

There have been so many horror stories when it comes to using free wifi that one would think that no one would ever use free wifi again. Say a person goes to a popular restaurant, and the restaurant provides free wifi service. It seems very innocent to connect the laptop to the free wifi, but there are dangers lurking around. A person can be sitting in the parking lot of the same restaurant, and they’ll be able to access the wifi hotspot as well. The person in the parking lot may be looking to steal someone’s information, and no one will ever see them because they are not even in the restaurant.

Many people have had their personal information stolen or compromised because they used wifi hotspots that are free within a store or restaurant. Unfortunately, even though many people are warned against using free wifi hotspots, they continue to access free wifi. Some people feel that because they don’t have anything secretive on their laptops, then they’ll be just fine when they log onto of free wifi hotspots. No matter what, it’s always possible for someone to access personal information via a wifi hotspot, even if the perpetrator is not sitting directly in front of the laptop they are searching.

Cell phones are no exception, and connecting a cell phone to a free wifi hotspot can be dangerous as well. Instead of putting one’s laptop or cell phone in danger, why not purchase a wifi hotspot? Many people choose not to purchase a hotspot because they feel the price is too high. FreedomPop has some great hotspots that are low in cost, and the speeds are 4G. With fast Internet that is completely secure, why use any other hotspot? Security is the biggest reason why anyone should purchase their own wifi hotspot.

Anyone who is looking for a secure connection that they can guarantee no one else will be able to enter without permission, then they should choose FreedomPop hotspots. The tiny sized hotspots are convenient to carry around, and they are also great to use. The hotspots have such fast speeds that it’s possible to stream movies while on the go. Families that are going on a trip, they can use their hotspots to stream movies for the kids in order to keep them quiet during their trip. Since hotspots are a great benefit, why not get a secure hotspot from FreedomPop today?

Conquering Love Internationally

All too often, we are stuck within the confines of our life. Too many people are afraid to branch out and try something new. Therefore, people in general are unhappy. They get stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. This is true in all aspects from work, to play time, to most importantly – dating. They’re not happy because they don’t know how to expand their horizons and try dating outside of their comfort zone.

There are so many dating applications and websites out there that only connect users within a small proximity. Therefore people are constantly meeting the same people who have the same thoughts, the same dreams, and the same goals. It gets boring! AnastasiaDate is here to help users find love no matter what area of the world they are looking for it!

Just think about it. This concept is a very exciting one. How amazing of a thought is it that someone can essentially learn a whole new way of life? A person gets to experience a new way of life, new cuisines, new hobbies, and so much more. Dating someone who lives in a different part of the world will really challenge a person to see the bigger picture and learn about a new culture. Not only is this great for dating but it’s really helping the world to become more tolerant of other cultures.

At AnastasiaDate, there really is something for everyone! They have 4,000,000 users signed up and they continue to grow! That means no matter what you are looking for, chances are you will find it here. The website spans so many different areas of the world. From Asia to Germany to the United States and everywhere in between. There are so many people out there that are looking for love and this website is helping that to become a reality.

This website was founded because someone saw the need that not everyone wants to date someone that looks and acts just like them. This website is conquering love internationally. Love knows no boundaries and this app is really pushing that idea. This website is truly the next generation of online dating. It’s really the one testing the waters and showing that love is possible anywhere. It’s about to get a whole lot easier, as well. The developers are working on a mobile app! Soon love will be right at a users fingertips, at all times.

Beneful Offers Ideal Nutritiion for Your Dog

Owning a dog is something that many people find important. A dog can provide someone with a delightful sense of companionship and love. Walking a dog each day can help the owner get much needed exercise as well as interact with other people who also love dogs. Having a dog in the house can also help the owner feel more confident and protected as a dog can serve as a deterrent against crime and help ward off criminals who might otherwise enter the house when the homeowner is there. Dogs can also make wonderful companions for children who often delight in developing a relationship with a pet that adores them.

Those who own dogs want to make sure that their beloved animal stays in the best shape possible. In order to do so, many people want to be able provide their pet with good nutrition. Dogs need to eat high quality food in order to have a shiny coat, strong bones and a functional immune system. Those who look for food that will help serve their dog’s needs look to companies such as Beneful to make sure they are feeding their dog good food. Beneful is a brand that is owned by one of America’ most respected pet food companies. Satisfied customers have been purchasing Beneful products on youtube for their dogs for many years.

Beneful can be found in most supermarkets, pet food stores and other places that sell high quality dog food in the United States. The company offers consumers a wide variety of dog food to choose from. People can pick from twenty varieties of wet food. This allows dog owners to find the exact kind of dog food that their favorite pet prefers. The dog owner can also decide to vary their dog’s food each week in order to help them have a diet they will enjoy yet provides with complete nutrition.

In addition to offering wet dog food, Beneful also provides pet owners with other kinds of dog food possibilities. Dog owners can purchase dog snacks that are healthy and nutritious. The company bakes their dog snacks into many different varieties. Owners who want to offer their pet a treat for learning a trick can easily find a variety of dog treat that their dog will really enjoy eating. Working closely with the company allows the pet owner to fully meet all of their dog’s important needs.

Purina PetCare: A Company Based on Quality

Purina Petcare is a company that produces different pet products such as food, treats, and litters. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, they are a subsidiary company to Nestle that was established in 2001. During that year, Nestle, acquired Ralston Purina and reformed it into a new company in combination with their Friskies Petcare Company. Consumers welcomed the new company and as demand grew, so did Purina’s news, making it the largest pet care company in the United States as well as the second largest in the world the following year.

Nestle’s Purina Petcare has come to be known as a company the consumer can trust. They return the trust back into the community by advocating and practicing sustainability in their manufacturing process. They also sponsor many pet-related charitable events and establishments. In fact, in 2003, Nestle’s Purina Petcare partnered with the Canine Health Foundation in order to help support and encourage veterinary advancement and research. When many pets and owners found themselves down and out, the company donated 80 tons of pet food and $100,000 to animal shelters who were overrun with homeless and hungry animals. The company has taken their love of animals even further by acquiring, a website that helps people find adoptable animals and helps animals find suitable homes.

Purina Petcare’s product line has ebbed and flowed like any other business. They now offer an extensive line of dog and cat foods including the popular Dog Chow, Cat Chow, Pro Plan, and Beneful product lines. They stand by their quality promise stating that a lot of care goes into making sure every bag is safe, balanced and tastes good to your pet. Their high standards extend into their choice of vendors that are chosen to supply the ingredients to the company. This ensures a safe product that is of the utmost quality that is passed to the consumer and their four- legged family members.
Purina Petcare maintains its goal of distributing and manufacturing a high quality product that you can trust. Though they have flourished, they remain family oriented at heart and strive to not only make a product that is welcome into many homes, but give back to those families and their pets through charity and sponsorship.

Editing Wikipedia Pages

I was more than a bit dismayed when last semester one of my professors discounted Wikipedia, explaining it was not a scholarly resource, and that it could not be used as a research source. I always thought there was people like GetYourWiki out there that took care of any need to hire Wikipedia writers and professionals at that.  It was not until I realized how pages on Wikipedia can be edited, did I finally understand what she was talking about. If you ever find yourself reading something on Wikipedia, and you just don’t think the information is correct, you can edit any unprotected page.

Wikipedia is a “wiki,” which according to their website means anyone can edit a page. Upon editing a page, the editor is then referred to as a “Wikipedian.” There are a couple of different, user-friendly methods for processing edits. The newer process is through VisualEditor (VE), and the classic editing can be done through wiki markup. To edit a page, one simply has to click the edit button at the top of the page. This is where the editor will be redirected to wiki markup page. Here all editable context from the page in question will be displayed.

There is an edit toolbar, located just above the edit box, and this is where wiki code can be formatted. After editing, there is a section where the editor needs to write a brief explanation for the edit. In the event you want to see how the page looks with your edits after you make changes, you can select the option to preview before posting the edit. There is a feature so that you can look at the changes you made, and compare those changes to the original copy. This helps to avoid any mistakes, or an editor accidentally making a change they did not intend to. This option can be accessed by selecting “show changes.” It is recommended every editor use this feature before publishing. If you know exactly what you are talking about, have checked your work and are confident your edit is valid, you can select the “save page” option. This will immediately publish your edits to the Wikipedia page in question.

Major edits are those that will serve to change the meaning of an article. Even if the change is just one word, if it fundamentally changes the meaning, it is major. If you are doing a large edit, it is recommended you save your work in a program like Notepad, which has no formatting. It is further recommended that editors periodically save their work before pressing “save page.” In this way, in the event of a crash, your work will not be lost.

WPMT FOX43 Features North American Spine’s AccuraScope Procedure

PR Newswire originally published an online article about North American Spine’s recent AccuraScope Procedure on WPMT FOX43. The story focuses on Joe Berry who was once a firefighter and generally active guy. He has lived with moderate to severe back pain since he was young and thought he could just wade through it. When it began to negatively affect his work and hobbies Berry knew that something had to change so he could begin to live a normal life. After trying steroid shots and minor surgeries he was about to give up, until he discovered the AccuraScope Procedure.

The AccuraScope procedure is exclusively provided by North American Spine, a company based in Dallas, Texas, and is an innovative treatment for those who suffer from back and neck pain. The procedure is performed by specially trained North American Spine physicians. They have studied and practiced to be skilled with Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Spine Surgery, and Pain Management.

The actual procedure is a quick and painless spine surgery that is minimally invasive and only take about an hour to complete.

With the use of small incisions, and high-tech visualization equipment, a small laser is used to stimulate tissue and muscle to help increase healing and decrease pain. The treatment is not meant for patients that have pain caused by bone problems. After Joe Berry had his procedure he was amazed at how quickly the pain disappeared. He was able to return to work after a few short days with a feeling of relief. Currently, there have been over 8 thousand AccuraScope procedures performed. The operation saves patients and average of $23 thousand and has an 82% success rate. Most patients feel relief from their pain almost instantly and are free to leave the clinic the same day.