Heads’ Advertising Opportunities in Brazil

Claudio Loureiro is one of the most reputed advertising executive in Brazil owing to his business acumen and strategies. He has been in the industry for years now and owing to his long term of service he has accumulated great experience. The growth the Brazilian advertising industry has been one of the most encouraging and rapidly developing industry in the region. Claudio Loureiro has therefore taken advantage of this growth to anchor himself in the industry and make the best of the opportunities thereof. He is highly revered in the industry and his popularity has actually spread all over the country.

One of the most fundamental factors fueling growth in the Brazilian advertising market is the large population in the country. Brazil has approximately 200 million people residing within the country’s borders. In addition to this, the country is the major business hub and the most central business geographical location for the entire Latin American region. As such, the country is the most strategically located area for most business including multinationals. This has led to great competitiveness and as a result the advertising market has been making good business as different competing companies work hard to establish themselves in the industry. The growth of the country’s economy has been attracting investors from far and wide. As a result, the country’s rate of production and industrialization has also gone up.

Heads Agency is one of the greatest advertising companies in the country that have effectively and successfully utilized the opportunities presented by the growing Brazilian economy. The company has been in the market for a while now and it has been making good business especially in the city of Rio de Janeiro where it is headquartered. In the city for instance, the company is rated among the first 5 companies that are doing so well in the city. Nationally, the company is in the list of the first 20 companies that have made it in the advertising industry in Brazil.

Heads Agency has benefited greatly from the country’s network coverage that has enabled television and radio advertising to thrive in the country. The country’s communication infrastructure has been very effective and advertising companies have greatly benefited from this. Heads agency has pursued different types of advertising processes including printing, television advertising, radio advertising, billboards, and in the recent past, digital adverting. The growing ICT sector in the country has actually created a considerable market for Heads Agency to exhaust in digital advertising. Since Brazil is a highly tech country, internet and social media advertising has been a key area of advertising for Heads Agency. The company has greatly utilized the internet especially the social media platform to enhance its operations in the industry.

Flipora Sets Tone for Search Engine Evolution

The search engine is as big a part of the internet experience as browsers like ‘Internet Explorer’ and ‘Firefox’. More than just part of the experience, the search engine is a fundamental part of how we operate in the digital age. While some people use engines from Yahoo or Bing, the majority spend their time on Google. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with that fact, but it does make you wonder if the possibility for progression is ever stymied due to the market share that Google owns. No matter where you come down on that question you will be curious to see a new challenger pop up by the name of Flipora. Flipora is a hybrid social/artificial intelligence based search engine that is changing the very nature of our time spent on the computer.

Just what is Flipora?
Flipora is an engine that has been in development since early 2010. The designers behind the program initially launched themselves as InfoAxe before undergoing a rebranding effort in the past year or so. Flipora works as a social/artificial intelligence based engine. What this means is that Flipora dishes out new search engine results to its users by basing an algorithm off of the users, the AI, and the indexed information that they collect.

Put more simply, when you brows the internet you will have Flipora monitoring your searching habits in the background. Those habits, including what you like to search for, are uploaded into the cloud where they are indexed. Currently Flipora is indexing close to 20 million pages of data every single day. For reference, Wikipedia is 4 million total pages. That’s a lot of data. Once the data has been assessed and sent back to subscribers they are then able to pick through the suggested pages. This is a social way to curate data by giving control back to the end user. This method also helps users find content that they would otherwise have trouble coming across.

Big investments pay off.
Flipora has been growing steadily and they are already pulling in 7 million unique monthly visits. This has obviously gotten the interest of some larger companies and it has turned into big investment dollars. We’ve already seen the CEO of Google Adsense, the founder of Like.com, and the owner of Aster Data put their money behind the idea. With the launch into mobile markets forthcoming, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these investments keep on growing.

Frans Schoeman, A Strong and Passionate Person

Frans Schoeman is an MD and Director at Phatsima Diamond in Cape Town Area, South Africa. He is a highly motivated attorney with great stamina and the expert knowledge of corporate, commercial and business law. As A prominent leaser in legal field in South Africa, most won’t understand international laws. Studying law is completely different in Africa because the educational system is so different of that of other countries. However being a lawyer in a country such as South Africa is an honorable career. With each passing day, these attorneys work hard to fight for citizens of their country and to make certain that justice is served. In addition to being an attorney, Schoeman is also the Director of Phatsima Diamond, which is a mining corporation. Phatsima Diamond is located in Bellville, South Africa. For more than 21 years Frans Schoeman has been practicing law. He has experience in many aspects of law such as municipal law, property transfers, debt recovery, administrative law, insurance law, liquor license applications, forensic investigations, corporate due diligence, mining, energy, natural resources, financial services, family law, medical law compliance, intellectual law and banking law. However, there are only few that he specializes in. Those areas are; labor law, medical law, constitutional law. Additionally, compliance , estates and trusts. With a well rounded background, this enables Schoeman to help serve a multitude of clientele. And with a strong passion for law makes him such a great lawyer. Even though Schoeman’s background is diverse, he has great attention to detail and with a strong passion makes him a great lawyer. Largest mining corporation in South Africa is Phatsima Diamond. There main focus is overseeing the mining and development of rare and precious diamonds in an area of the world that is prominent for mining of diamonds. The of the most beautiful diamonds ever excavated from the entire world are known to have come from South Africa. Schoeman managed to create and build a client base that links different commercial enterprises on the national and international levels. efforts have even been made by Schoeman in limiting professional levels, which allow quality service to the clients with full engagement of experts. But for Schoeman, it is not all about business. Frans Schoeman gives back to his community by providing pro bono work for people that need their help but cannot afford to pay./ Schoeman is an active in charities and a strong believer where he gives time and money involving children, the arts, people’s rights, education, politics and even the environment, technology and science. He is a well rounded person, who has done plenty for his community and his viewed highly. Frans Schoeman is even a member of the New York City Department of Employees and Alumni. Frans Schoeman both Afrikaans, which is the language of South Africa and english.

My Top 3 Favorite Lime Crime Products

Lime Crime has been one of my favorite beauty brands for a while now. They have so much personality and edge to them. When I wear Lime Crime products I feel a little more happy, even from the instant I pick up the product to put it on. Their packaging is even awesome! Their website boasts that their brand was made for unicorns, so I suppose they aim to make you feel one-of-a-kind. They truly do a great job.

One of my friends doesn’t know much about Lime Crime and she was asking me which products she should try out. She mainly sticks with drugstore brand cosmetics and I was excited to help her figure out where to start. If you’re also looking to get into Lime Crime, here are three products that you can’t miss out on. You’ll be converted into a unicorn in no time.

1. Velvetines
This is hands down my favorite Lime Crime product on urbanoutfitters.com and it has become a bit of a cult classic. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime, worked for months in a lab with a chemist to get the formula perfect on this lipstick. It shows. This product is a liquid to matte lipstick that comes in several different shades. My favorite is the dark raspberry shade that’s perfect for the fall/winter season. This stuff truly does look like velvet on your lips and the best part is that it does not budge. You can go out for a round of drinks with your friends and your lipstick will still be intact. This is the product you have to own.

2. Zodiac Glitter
As a girl that grew up in the 90s, it’s probably only natural that I love glitter. Lime Crime’s Zodiac Glitter is another product that I absolutely recommend. I frequently find that a lot of glitter looks like cheap costume makeup that you would get around Halloween time. This glitter looks nothing like that. It’s multi-faceted and it changes colors as you move. It comes in several different colors that goes along with each Zodiac sign, making it a great birthday gift. Lime Crime also makes a product that helps the glitter stay on even better if you were to be wearing it to a club or a rave. You can even use this on your nails! This product has so many uses and it’s worth the purchase.

3. Unicorn Lipsticks
These lipsticks come in all the colors that you can’t find anywhere else, like green, yellow and black. That’s the number one reason why I recommend this product. I’d been looking for baby blue lipstick for the longest time and I was so happy when I found out Lime Crime has a product that color. These lipsticks go on smooth and have a silky, non-drying finish. The packaging is also adorable: they come in a purple sparkly tube.

If you haven’t tried out Lime Crime, hopefully this gives you a place to start. Check their online store out and try a few things out. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them and their products.

Senior Defenseman Matt Landis Leads Notre Dame Lacrosse Into 2016

matt landis leads

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish lacrosse team heads into the 2016 campaign looking to continue its proud winning tradition in a challenging Atlantic Coast Conference. After last year’s narrow loss to Denver in the NCAA tournament semifinals, the Irish are surely champing at the bit to get back onto the field and attain the program’s first national championship. After numerous conference shifts throughout the program’s history, from the Midwest Lacrosse Association to the Great Western Lacrosse League to the Big East, the Irish have finally found a long term home in the ACC. Several impact players are returning from last year’s Final Four squad, and hopes are high in the Notre Dame community that 2016 could be the year for that elusive first NCAA championship.
matt landis main
Senior defenseman Matt Landis could very well be the key to that championship pursuit. After moving from long pole defense to close defense, Landis has slowly risen through the ranks of university players and is now considered the preeminent player at his position. He was recognized by the ACC’s five coach panel as the ACC Defensive Player of the Year in 2015 after a season that saw him named player of the week two times. Landis started all 11 games in the regular season and compiled some eye-popping statistics, including 22 ground balls collected and 7 turnovers caused.
matt landis interview
Landis’s play did not slow down during the 2015 NCAA Championship tournament, where he was again named the Player of the Week after a sterling performance against Albany and its star attacker Lyle Thompson. Thompson, who amassed an NCAA record 400 points during his career, was held to a single goal and four assists by the Irish defense. Landis and his teammates hope to carry the same level of grit and determination into the 2016 season, and are sure to use their second straight semifinal loss to Denver as inspiration for the grueling struggle to come. It is up to the Fighting Irish to take the disappointments of the last few seasons and turn the tears of defeat into tears of triumph.
matt landis lally

A look into Shaygan Kheradpir’s Career Profile

A business executive is in charge of his organization. Working closely with a team of upper-level staff, they draw both short-term and long-term plans to realize the organization’s goals. The key, among other roles of the executive, is to develop relationships with external entities.

Here is a look at the profile Shaygan Kheradpir, a renowned technology, and business executive.

Shaygan Kheradpir – Background

Born in 1960, in London, United Kingdom, Shaygan Kheradpir grew up in Iran. He went to Aiglon College in Switzerland for his High school studies.

In 1979, Shaygan Kheradpir joined Cornell University, where he obtained his bachelor’s, masters and Doctorate degrees in electrical engineering.

Kheradpir served at Northeastern University as an adjunct professor of electrical engineering and has several patents to his name.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Career

Shaygan Kheradpir began his career at the Boston-based GTE Laboratories in 1987. He handled networking routing, management, and control. In 1994, he rose to the position of Chief Information Officer where he is credited with delivering news products within schedule. p

GTE went on to merge with Bell Atlantic in 2000, forming Verizon Communications. This saw Kheradpir serving as the President of the new firm’s e-business division, rising ranks at Verizon. Kheradpir contributed to Verizon’s diversification into a wider range of telecommunication services and the automaton of operations.

Between January 2007 and December 2010, he served as the executive vice president and chief information & technical officer where he was in charge of the technology initiatives of all the business units at Verizon Communications.

After an 11 years’ Service, Kheradpir exited Verizon in 2010 and joined Barclays in January 2011. At Barclays, he served as the Company’s head operating officer, contributing to the innovation of customer products such as the "Pingit" cellular payments. Kheradpir would later rise to be the firm’s top technology and operations position, making him the first ever technology executive to sit on the bank’s executive team. He worked in the Global Retail and Business Bank for three years before exiting in 2014.

In January 2014, Shaygan Kheradpir moved to Juniper Networks as the Chief Executive Officer. In line with the suggestions of activist investors to cut down expenses, buy back stocks, and increase dividends, Kheradpir launched an Integrated Operation Plan –IOP. He exited the Juniper in November 2014 after eleven months’ service.


Through the course of his career, Shaygan Kheradpir has developed mission-driven teams to steer change that matters to consumers, investors, employees, as well as the community. He has straddled, linked, and revolutionized at the confines of traditional disciplines across numerous industry sectors globally.

Joseph Bismark Has Worked Hard For The QI Group


The QI Group was founded by a man who believes that treating one another with respect and care is the right away to do things, and it is not surprising that he took the opportunity to partner with the United Nations Global Compact Network in order to commit to doing things right. It is said in an article that was released through Yahoo Finance that the founder was happy to be able to do this, so that his company can continue to do good things. He is happy to be able to commit to treating the environment, and employees, well.
Joseph Bismark is the man behind all of the great decisions that the QI Group has made, and he is someone that people should be considering when they are hoping to better themselves. He is a man with a lot of smarts, and he is a man who cares about the people in the world around him.
Joseph Bismark learned a lot when he was just a boy, living in the Philippines with some monks, and he has kept the good things that he learned with him all of this time. He knows that in order for a business to be run well that there needs to be respect from one employee to the next, and he has always made sure that the QI Group is run like that. Joseph Bismark has always made sure to do things right, so that the QI Group could be everything that he wanted it to be.

Darius Fisher A Man of Second Chances

If your reputation is in shambles over one mistake that is repeatedly haunting you, especially on the search results of Google, Darius Fisher is a man you want on your side. He is the founder and president of status labs. One such mistake might include the thousands affected by the Ashley Madison hack. According to an article released on Yahoo Finance, Status labs is offering free crisis communication plans to those affected by the hack. The hack left thousands of users at risk for identity theft or other scams along with their reputations being tarnished by association with the reputed adulterous website.
Darius Fisher has years of experience with public relations and marketing work that puts clients best image forward. He worked as a political consultant and worked on the campaign of Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown’s 2008 election for California’s 4th congressional district. He also worked as a copy-writer for a marketing firm. Fisher graduated Cum Laude from Vanderbilt with a degree in economics. Darius and Status Labs are believers in second chances and want to let their clients shine through their mistakes.
The company offers public relations and marketing advice as well as search results engineering. For those who don’t know the impact of Google, search results engineering is an important part of restoring reputations. The point is to make the client shine by making sure positive content gets on the first page of Google, since people rarely navigate to the second page of search results. This might be achieved by creating new content especially if a client doesn’t have a lot of information out there. Clients may have to join social media to help alleviate negative content by posting positive messages on social media.
No matter the intentions of Ashley Madison users, Darius Fisher and Status Labs will help. They are not in the business of judging, but helping. To Fisher, there is a more nobel reason for offering this service, the right of privacy. Information hacks won’t stop at Ashley Madison, in fact, it has happened to many other companies already and will continue to happen even if it isn’t a company as scandalous as Ashley Madison. The hack didn’t just identify users, but also disclosed addresses, credit card numbers and other personal information that could lead to identity theft.

Skout Reveals Top Ten Friendliest College Towns in America

Thousands of college students will be going back to their schools this month. The leading global app that helps people to meet new friends and also expand their social circles, Skout, has also reviewed twelve months data for people below 24 years who usually use the app. The exercise was done in order to know the friendliest college (
http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/skout-reveals-the-top-10-friendliest-college-towns-in-america-300141309.html) town in the country. Skout considered all the college towns around the U.S. to determine the cities where the young adults frequently met their new friends by using its app.

According to the findings of the company, the leading city is Madison Wisconsin, followed by los Angelis, California. The third position is held by the New York City, followed by Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chicago, Illinois scooped the fifth position, followed by San Francisco, California, then Boulder, Colorado.

The data also revealed the following;

  • Boston, which is actually America’s college town that has over 100 colleges and universities within its area, was at number 12 on list.
  • The friendliest student guys in America are found in Boulder, Colorado. The friendliest student gals are in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • The most generous young adults in the U.S. are found in Los Angeles. The students using Skout in LA share more gifts with their friends than all their fellow young adults in Boston, Miami, Chicago and even Dallas combined.

Christian Wiklund, who is the co-founder and CEO of Skout said that it was actually a lot of fun looking at the activities from the findings he congratulated the skout team for helping in the list. During another Skout survey which was conducted just recently among 2,500 people who use the app around the U.S, out Of the Skouters who are in college and aged 18-24, the survey discovered the following;

Making friends is easier in college than in high school.

  • 57% of the college students actually say that it is quite easy to make friends when in college than when they are in high school.
  • 59% of the college students admitted that they were actually worried about making friends during their first year in college.
  • 72% of the college students also admitted that they met good friends just a week after being in campus.

Best place to meet a new friend in college is actually in the classroom!

  • 75% of the students in college say that they met new friends in the class.
  • 42% of young adults admitted that they met their new friends during parties.
  • 39% of the college students admitted that they met their new friends when doing orientation.
  • 34% of the college students said that they met their friends in the internet.
  • Other places that were great for people to meet included; the dorms, the cafeteria, in the sports team and in the library.

Roommates actually make good friends.

  • 73% of the college students admitted that they consider their roommate as a friend..

The survey also revealed that 61% of college students said that women are found to be friendlier than men on campus.

See more information here;

Dr. Jennifer Walden, Profound Plastic Surgeon

Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who currently operates her plastic surgery practice in Austin, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an American-born doctor who is accredited by and a member of many different highly reputable organizations. Before briefly detailing Dr. Walden’s career, it is important to keep in mind the Dr. Jennifer Walden overcame the gender gap in the United States work place and that all of her accomplishments are even more valuable because of the hurdles she had to overcome (although discrimination in the work place is not as significant as it used to be, gender discrimination in the United States is a very real thing).

Dr. Jennifer Walden attended college at the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1994. She graduated with honors when she received her undergraduate. Dr. Jennifer Walden likes The University of Texas school system, and decided to go to The University of Texas Medical Center, which is located in Galveston, Texas. She completed the doctorate program in only four years of study, and graduated in 1998. Dr. Jennifer Walden earned the title of Salutatorian in the graduating class of 1998, and graduated with the highest honors available to be earned by students.

Dr. Jennifer Walden completed her residency at – you guessed it – The University of Texas Medical Branch. She finished her residency program in about five years, which is the average amount of time it takes a doctor to complete the program. Upon graduating her residency program, Dr. Walden moved to New York City to open up a plastic surgery practice there. After a few years of operation, she decided to relocate her office to Austin, Texas, so her two children, Houston and Rex, could grow up closer to her family. Driving or flying back and forth of New York City to Austin, Texas, simply takes too much time to make the trip worthwhile. Relocating was the best decision for her family, and her business.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has received many awards and honor, including the Merck Manual Award, the Herman Barnett Memorial Award, and The Donald P. Duncan Memorial Scholarship Award in Anatomy. Dr. Walden earned lots of awards when she was attending school, but earned even more awards after graduating, which is not an easy task to accomplish. Schools tend to award their students for good performance, but the real world does not tend to award workers for good performance; the real world only awards the best of the best plastic surgeons.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and holds medical licenses to practice plastic surgery in the American states of Texas, New York, and Florida.