Brachytherapy Offers New Hope For Prostate Cancer Patients

New hope is coming forth with using the all too familiar radiation treatment for prostate cancer. While radiation has had mixed reviews due to the positive cures and the not so popular fact that it does not differentiate between cancerous and healthy cells, there is something new and progressive to affect prostate cancer changes for the better. Brachytherapy is a form of radiation therapy which has become very popular for cancer of the cervix, breast, prostate, and skin.

How brachytherapy works is that radiation is deployed close to the tumor site. This short distance approach, as reported in Quartz, attacks the tumor, causing less damage to outlying healthy cells. This is taking off hugely in the global market where the growth of brachytherapy has come from $680 million to a proposed rise to $2.4 billion by 2020. This from an analysis by MEDraystinstell.

Researchers from Vancouver Cancer Centre has found that implanted radioactive seeds are the chosen method of treatment with brachytherapy for prostate cancer. These seeds last twice as long as the traditional high dose radiotherapy. Flavio Maluf ( has read that their study included 398 men who had cancer isolated in the prostate gland, least likely to succeed with other treatments. With prostate cancer being more common among men, developing after age 50, there were 1.1 million cases reported in 2012, with 307,000 deaths. Brachytherapy offers hope to men who might otherwise have no choices.

More Than 1,000 Doctors Are Pushing For Dr. Oz’s Resignation

It was earlier this past week that ten doctors sent letters to Dr. Oz, requesting that he be removed from his job at Columbia. Currently Dr. Oz is employed as a cardiothoracic surgeon but other medical professionals feel that Dr. Oz has used his education poorly- promoting products and making false medical claims. Igor Cornelsen says that this is on the tail end of a controversy that determined Dr. Oz has been recommending products and remedies on his television show based off of business he has done or is doing with certain brands and companies.

A poll was conducted by SERMO this past week, which is a social network website for medical professionals. Approximately 1,300 doctors responded to the poll and requested that Dr. Oz resign from his position at Columbia University. Some of these professionals felt that if the resignation does not come, Oz should be fired and have his medical license revoked. There was only eighteen percent of the doctors polled that still respect Dr. Oz as a professional and do not feel anything should be done to end his career.

Medical professionals from all over the United States contributed to a letter that was sent to Columbia, saying Oz has a ‘disdain for science’ and he does not have any credible information on hand to back the claims that he makes on his show, such as that GMO foods are bad for you to consume.

Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award Nominee

North American Spine has been nominated for a business ethics award for their outstanding practice. The organization focuses on spine surgery, back pain and neck issues in a non invasive practice. The Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award has been given to a number of highly reputable businesses that include Brinker International, The Container Store and many others!

The award is given to businesses and organizations that follow a positive and engaging practice that put their clients as their top priority. The ethics used within North American Spine cater to the customers needs while providing a unique and customized approach to their spine and neck issues.

North American Spine follows uses a multifaceted approach to helping their clients on a daily basis. They specialize in Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and pain management for chronic issues. The organization is best known for their highly in depth client care and their use of AccuraScope procedures. This minimally invasive approach uses interoperative neuromonitoring systems that show a fully detailed view of the damage in the patient. From there, they can accurately diagnosis and provide a solution to their clients problem.

Their clients even include high profile individuals such as Larry Gatlin. Gatlin, a country musician, turned to North American Spine in hopes for a solution to a 47 year battle with chronic leg issues. “It’s a miracle in my life and I am grateful for it,” said Gaitlin when asked about his procedure.

As featured on The Doctors, More than 8,000 procedures have been performed by the physicians in this organization over their 6 years of using AccuraScope technologies. The clients results speak for themselves and the results are outstanding. One of the leading physicians, Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, said “We are pleased with the success we’ve seen from the AccuraScope procedure.” It’s no surprise that they’ve been nominated for this!

Drinking Milk Might Be Harmful To Your Health

Milk has been famously advertised to Americans as “doing a body good”, however there is plenty of evidence to suggest the well-known milk promoting slogans, are just that, catchy slogans made up by advertising agencies who want to sell more of their product, without being held accountable by nutritional science.

A recent book titled “Got Milked?”, written by Alissa Hamilton, illustrates how milk is an unnecessary part of our diet, Hamilton explains with clarity and detailed information that is backed up by extensive research.

Several other reports have been published in recent years, both online and in print, explaining the myths of the benefits of milk. A large study conducted by Swedish researchers claimed drinking mild regularly led to higher mortality rates, and weakness in bones. Clearly, the exact opposite of what the big marketing companies are telling us.

Not only has the research backed up claims about the lack in benefits of milk, but it is also common sense, if you stop to think about it. Sam Tabar has realized that humans are the only species who drink the milk of other mammals in massive quantities. Drinking milk from a cow simply isn’t logical for humans, and there are plenty of other, much healthier, ways to make sure you are getting enough calcium.

Study of 95,000 Children Finds No Link Between Autism and MMR Vaccine

According to a study published in the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA), there is no link between autism and the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine. The study included data from 95,000 privately insured children with older siblings.

The study sought to identify risk factors associated with autism. The hypothetical risk factors examined in the study included having an older sibling with autism, getting the first MMR shot at age two, and getting the booster shot at age five. The researchers found no correlation at all between autism and the MMR vaccine, even in children who were believed to be at risk for developing the condition.

The study found that two percent of the children did have older siblings with autism, and this did increase the risk of a child’s developing autism. 994 or roughly one percent of the children studied had autism, and 1929 or two percent had older siblings with autism. Nearly seven percent or 134 children with autistic older siblings had autism themselves, while the other 860 children with autism had unaffected siblings. Anastasia said that the autistic children with non-autistic older siblings made up less than one percent of the entire sample.

Some of the researchers expressed concerns that parents of autistic children may refuse to have younger siblings vaccinated out of a misplaced belief that the vaccine had caused the older child’s autism.

The FDA Plans to Investigate Common Homeopathic Remedies

If you know anything about homeopathy, you probably have strong opinions about it, for better or worse. Homeopathic treatments tend to be a polarizing subject, and it has been that way for centuries. It’s no surprise that this unusual approach to medicine has yet again caught the attention of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Homeopathy is the practice of treating ailments and illnesses with the same symptoms being experienced by the patient. For instance, a simple homeopathic remedy for someone suffering from a burning nose and itchy eyes would be told to ingest a remedy made from an onion, a vegetable that causes similar symptoms.

Igor Cornelsen understands that, the problem is, these remedies can be marketed as health products without the approval of food and drug administrators. The FDA, however, has made plans to further investigate popular homeopathic remedies found in stores and pharmacies, such as zicam, to measure the risks and benefits of such substances.

The FDA is currently trying to assess whether or not there should be a change in policy with regards to federal regulations of homeopathic agents. These investigations are announced after over 40 warning letter were issued to the manufacturers of homeopathic products. Once the data is fully collected and analyzed, the FDA will release their findings and make final decisions on the necessary enforcement policy for these supposed medications.

Tylenol Can Relieve More Than a Headache

Tylenol is commonly known to relieve common and mild pain symptoms, such as a headache or toothache. Though, there might be another useful benefit of this over the counter medication, found is nearly everybody’s medicine cabinet. Tylenol may provide relief from mental or emotional pain as well.

A new study from Ohio State University Medical Center found that Tylenol, or more specially the active ingredient in Tylenol, acetaminophen, can actually work to reduce emotional pain, something discovered during a clinical experiment set up to test this hypothesis.

Researchers tested the effect of Tylenol on emotional pain by setting up two groups of people and comparing the active ingredient in Tylenol to a placebo treatment. Each group was administered their treatment, after an hour researchers showed each participant a series of images meant to evoke an emotional response. Christian Broda ( has read that participants were shown images to evoke happiness such as puppies and kittens. Also, the observer was shown pictures of car accidents and snakes meant to cause fear and anxiety, while being shown neutral images as well.

The results revealed a confirmation of the researchers hypothesis, Tylenol did, in fact, effectively blunt a person’s emotional response to all of the images shown. The group who were administered the equivalent of extra strength Tylenol, showed about a 20% reduction of the intensity of their emotions, when compared to the placebo group.

Even though it may be a surprise to some, Tylenol is not only excellent at providing relief from body aches, it can also help to reduce the pain of a broken heart or worried mind.

The Benefits Of Magnesium

Supplementing with magnesium is an easy addition and it is also a very healthy and wise decision to make. There are so many different benefits of magnesium and it can actually help you live longer and live a healthier life with really no side effects or downsides.

The chemical element magnesium is a mineral that is extremely common. Because of this the cost of this supplement is often very affordable. Also, the body eliminates excess magnesium through the kidneys so you can’t overdose or overmedicate yourself. Magnesium is used by the body for proper function of the muscles as well as nerves. There are hundreds of different hormones that contain magnesium and it can be found in all kinds of foods like greens and nuts. Unfortunately, many people tend to be deficient in magnesium and this can be a reason for supplementation.

There are a number of symptoms associated with low magnesium in the body including muscle pain, muscle spasms, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, headaches, osteoporosis and more. When supplementing you should consume about 400 mg each day by way of oral tablets or magnesium oil that is applied to the skin. Magnesium is actually best absorbed by the skin so if you can find a high quality magnesium spray or oil that you can apply topically, you will see the best results this way. Kevin Seawright is going to try it out himself at some point.

Massachusetts Not Protecting Residents from Lyme Disease

It’s a devastating disease which has spread across the state over the past 40 years, claiming thousands of victims with no end in sight, yet the state is not lifting one finger to prevent the disease. Talking about the increased tick population in the state of Massachusetts and the Lyme disease these tick spread each year.

Multiple millions of tax payer’s dollars are spent each year in the state to control the mosquito population and protect residents from the West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses. Not a penny is spent towards controlling the tick population in Massachusetts and protecting residents from Lyme disease. Researchers predict the tick population will hit an all-time high this summer because of the deep, insulating snow Massachusetts had this past winter which helped protect the tick eggs. Those tick eggs will hatch soon and the hungry blood-suckers will be on the prowl for their next meal.

After a person is bitten by an infected tick, a bullseye rash develops. Ricardo Tosto never wants to see something like that. The rash is followed with a fever, headache and severe fatigue. If caught during the early stages, Lyme disease is curable, but it takes a month-long treatment with antibiotics. If left untreated, Lyme disease attacks the heart, joints and nervous system and has caused the death of some people who were infected via a tick bite.

Can Divorce Really Harm Your Heart?

Of course, going through a divorce is a painful time, most often full of emotions and heart ache, but can divorce actually damage your heart? Researchers have found that people who have gone through a divorce are at a higher risk for a heart attack, especially women. The study at Duke Medicine found that divorced women have more heart attacks than married women. Divorce seemed to have less of an effect on men who have been through it just once. Men who have been divorced two or more time though, are at higher risk for heart attack. Folks at Anastasia Date ( wonder: Why does divorce affect heart health? Researchers believe that the stress of divorce leads to these health problems. Of course, divorce isn’t what is considered a normal risk factor. Classic risk factors include high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking. The study was done to help people understand how devastating a divorce can be, not only mentally and emotionally, but physically as well.