Being A Hero

To North Korea, Yeomni Park would be a defector but, to the rest of the world she would be considered a hero. She said while living in North Korea, freedom was never anything she dreamed of, she was only occupied with getting enough food to sustain her. Then on March 31st, 2007 along with her mother they sneaked out of North Korea. After a long journey they made it to China. They had not formulated a plan, just being out was enough for the moment.

At the time of the escape Park’s was only thirteen, it was one of the most difficult things she had ever done. They had to cross the Gobi desert, then to the Mongolian border, all the while trying to get to South Korea. During this time they were met with lots of ridicule. Her young mind was always drifting towards suicide. Parks father eventually manage to cross the boarder and join up with them, but after a short time he died from an untreated illness.

Parks and her mother was devastated. Park would later tell Reason TV that her father died not even knowing that he could have lived in a free world. Also saying that the amount of food the Americans discard daily, she would have been happy to have it while living in North Korea. To read more on this piece,

Parks became an activist. Speaking out on all the injustice that is occurring in her former homeland. She states that it’s a nation that runs on fear, the people are oppressed and must pledge their loyalty to their ruler. Yeonmi Park says on The Guardian she was in constant fear, she really thought they could figure out what she was thinking. Her father was a successful civil servant but, was imprisoned because he smuggled some metal in order to put food on the table for the family. He was brutally tortured while in prison and the remaining family had their share of relenting suffering too.

Her older sister just could not take anymore, so she left before they decided to do the same. The path to South Korea was also marred with bitter hardship, which included trafficking, then eventually being freed. She is still trying to come to terms with all that she endured. Today she is working hard and speaking out for her people’s freedom.


Health Protection Measures In Xerem Headed By Sergio Cortes

Brazil is a nation that gets a lot of rain each year. Brazilians have come to expert heavy rains each year. Despite this expectation, many people were still startled at the intensity of rains that dropped on the Xerem region in the last few weeks. Flooding has been a huge problem here. Many residents of the region have found it necessary to seek out shelter from local officials because they are dealing with far too much rain and floods that have engulfed their neighborhoods.

As a recent report in Extra reveals, it is has been quite necessary to open up shelters in response to this ongoing problem. The entire region has been inundated with heavy rain. Officials have done their best to respond to this problem by opening up places for people to go here. One such shelter has accommodations for over three hundred people and offers them the opportunity to drink clean water as well. The Dengue Hydration center is being used to help people combat the possible effects of Dengue Fever here. It is important for residents to be able to stay hydrated in order to help fight off the effects of this illness.

Officials here have done their best to respond to this crisis in a way that offers residents the kind of relief they need to be able to cope effectively. The efforts of officials such as
Dr. Cortes are expected to continue in the near future as people here continue to confront problems that may happen as a result of the flooding. Dr. Cortes continues to be one of the nation’s most outspoken and effective health officials. His work here has been all about seeing to the needs of residents and making sure they have supplies on hand such as bottled water and antibiotics.

Dr. Cortes is a native of Brazil where he grew up. As a young man, he knew that he wanted to enter the medical field. Since that time, he has helped many Brazilian patients from all walks of life. His specific focus has been on the area of orthopedic medicine. He has done many hip replacement surgeries aimed and providing his patients with better mobility and the ability to walk without problems. He anticipates providing such services in the future as well.

How Does Thor Halvorssen Keep Human Rights In The Public Discourse?

The public discourse about human rights is kept up by the hard work of Thor Halvorssen and the Human Right Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation uses the press to make its mission known, and there are many human rights violations that are often forgotten because of fast news cycles. This article explains how Thor believes that educating the public will avoid future human rights violations more than anything else.

#1: Going To The Press

Going to the press is a common tactic at the Human Rights Foundation, and the digital technology age allows people around the world to learn about news made by the HRF at any time. The press will report anything the HRF talks about, and Thor often gives talks to the press that help to better explain awful situations around the world. Every human rights violation is reported because of the work that Thor does.

#2: Covering Forgotten Human Rights Issues

People around the world often forget about human rights violations that have occurred in the past. There were dictatorships in South America that were quite vicious during Thor’s childhood, and he grew up around parents who fought against such atrocities. Human rights violations in China have not been forgotten, and countries like Angola that have tyrannical ruling families are the focus of the HRF. Thor leaves no stone unturned so that forgotten issues do not stay forgotten.

#3: Dispatching Help Around The World

Thor organizes help for people around the world using the HRF. He has volunteers around the world who are willing to help in times of crisis, and the HRF has offices around the world that help with outreach in the area. There are many people who have come into contact with the HRF through their offices, and the HRF has reached out to millions through their local offices.

Thor Halvorssen has created a network of human rights warriors that work with people around the world facing oppression. Thor uses the press to make light of his mission, and he is skilled at researching and reporting new human right violations that happen around the world.

Get Your Business Noticed with the Wikipedia Writing Service Get Your Wiki


If you are looking to get your business noticed, you need to do whatever you can to spread the word. With the majority of information now spread throughout the Internet, this makes posting content to the Internet that much more vital. Now, you might have social media sights and services you are working with. That is always a good start, plus having your own website is a must. However, you need other sources of traffic to send individuals to your website and to your company page. One of the best ways to do this is to make a Wikipedia page. But what can Wikipedia do for you and how can you go about taking advantage of the service? While creating a Wikipedia page is free, it is not always easy, due to all of the formatting issues at stake. That is exactly why you need to take advantage of Wikipedia business page creation through a service. This will drive traffic to your page and also help create an air of sophistication and knowledge regarding your page you simply never had before. 

There are all sorts of facts and myths out there. For starters, you probably have heard that anyone can create a page and anyone can edit it. Yes, this is true, but that doesn’t mean it is going to stand. You can’t just create a blank page about someone you don’t like and fill in all sorts of negative content. It is going to be removed as soon as it goes up. So, you need to have specifics and you need to create the page like an AP style document. 

Another fact is it is actually easy to create a Wiki page. While you don’t need any special credentials to create a page, it doesn’t mean it is easy. Wikipedia has very specific writing requirements. In order to have your page accepted the information needs to follow through with these requirements. If you are new to creating a Wiki page you might find your page is rejected several times before it actually goes up. If you are like most busy individuals, you simply do not have the time to correct this. That is why you need to go with a service that knows how to create a Wikipedia page for you and how to follow all of the different page requirements. This way, you always have the very best page possible. 

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MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Keeps Pushing the Envelope

Anyone that has seen Sergio Cortes at work as a Michael Jackson Impersonator knows one thing. He is an incredibly hard worker. He doesn’t spend a lot of time lounging around and wondering what it would be like to do the moves of MJ onstage. To the contrary, Sergio is the guy that has watching the video hundreds of times and he is doing the moves. He isn’t sitting on the sidelines dreaming about what his MJ show should look like. He is taking the necessary precautions to make sure that what he has seen is coming to reality.

Sergio is a perfectionist, and he takes pride in his work as cited in the Portal Comunique. Sergio has followed the penny loafers and the glittery glove of Jackson on and off stage.

There was always this level of mystery that surrounded Jackson. He always seems to have a trick up his sleeves and enough magic to defy gravity. This is what it looked like when he moon walked around the stage. Sergio tries to duplicate all of this. Cortes is pulling together an act where he has full control of the stage. He has the dancers and the musicians on stage. He has the costumes and the gear that Jackson has had. All of these things are sure signs that he is in control and he isn’t going to become a second rate impersonator.

The thing that makes this illusion of Jackson so real is the amount of money that Sergio is willing to spend. He has been making money since he was a teenager by impersonator Jackson. This was during a time when Michael was still alive. It is even more exciting to see Sergio Cortes performing as Jackson now that MJ has passed. In other words, Sergio is able to command more for his performances because the fanfare is growing. The torch that MJ has was going dim, but Sergio put his best foot forward and did something amazing. He ushered in a new level of impersonating that would be bound to make fans come out in support of keeping the Jackson torch burning.

MJ made some great music during his lifetime, but the new generation has almost forgotten what it was like to see MJ on stage. Sergio Cortes is trying to prevent that from happening. He is giving a tribute show that brings Michael’s legacy back.

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Will Global Bankers Use Negative Rates In All Nations?


Interest rates are the cost of money. Creating the Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) is odd enough, because it says that money has no value; but, central banks in Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Japan have taken the next step and adopted negative interest rates to spur economic activity. Are negative interest rates the way of the future for all nations?

“What Are Negative Interest Rates?”

According to BMG banker Marcio Alaor, most consumers don’t truly understand high-level financial concepts and “negative interest rates” can be a bit confusing, because they are counter-intuitive. Instead of paying you positive interest rates while holding your money, the bank will “subtract” money from your account with negative interest rates. When you boil it all down – negative interest rates are really a “fee.”

Although, the Federal Reserve (the central bank of the United States) has increased interest rates in 2015, it will conduct stress tests in 2016 to assess the effect of negative interest rates, according to Bloomberg. For Americans who save their money, this might be a bit disconcerting.

So far, in all of the nations, which have instituted negative interest rates, there has been no increase in productivity. In fact, most of the nations are experiencing deflation. Thus, Americans might want to learn from history and question whether the Fed’s potential use of negative interest rates would cause deflation or a depression.

Disasters Avoided By Andy and Tahoe Business Owners

Recently the Reno Gazette-Journal produced an article about winter resorts and the possibility of an incorporation with Olympic Valley. In between California and Nevada sits Lake Tahoe. Lately, the resorts of Lake Tahoe have suffered due to little cold weather. Fortunately, this year is proving to be better. The cold and wet weather are producing great weather for a perfect snowy terrain. People all over the world enjoy coming to the ski resorts for winter sports. Mother nature is being good to the people of Tahoe by providing the proper weather for a great season of skiing and snowboarding. The local businesses and resorts are very happy.

The individuals that are backing the possible incorporation were hoping to take over the holdings of the Squaw valley. Olympic Valley was lucky to sneak by when people like Andy Wirth got in on the action. Not only did the residents take control but they stopped the possible incorporation before it happened.

A disaster avoided and a new potential for the upcoming year. People that raised the money to stop the incorporation are happy learning that their taxes will not go up like they thought. These residents are happy to know that the transportation departments will be able to clean roads and continue to plow the snow away when it is necessary. When people work together, they can make a difference.

This article goes to show that people can make a difference if they speak out. One man, Andy Wirth is making a difference with the Tahoe area as well as the Reno Airport. Wirth is now acting Chairman for the airport with high hopes of increasing tourism to the area. He along with others are creating marketing ideas to help increase travelers to the area. The hope is that people will visit more often and will plan on visiting places like the casinos and the ski resorts.

Andy Wirth and others are hoping for a great tourist season in both Reno and California areas of Lake Tahoe. Not only can people come to enjoy the ski slopes, but they can enjoy the resorts as well. People that come to the area are looking forward to hitting the slopes and winning a fortune in the gambling resorts. It sure is great when everyone pitches in for a good cause as saving their lifestyles.

How Did Sanjay Shah Found Autism Rocks?

Sanjay Shah is an investment rock star in his own right, and his Solo Capital fund is one of the best-performing in the world today. He has met some of the greatest entertainers in the world, and he wanted to use his connections to do some good around the world. Autism Rocks was born with the help of Solo Capital, and this article explains how Sanjay obtains the help of rock stars to further the cause of Autism research.

#1: Sanjay Partnered Directly With Solo Capital

Solo Capital footed the bill to begin work on Autism Rocks, and the two companies share a Facebook page. The two come together to send money from every concert to a private autism research charity, and the fund is consistently sending out money to researchers in need. Sanjay wants a constant stream of money going to research, and he has the platform to provide such funding.

#2: Sanjay Engages The Best Acts In The World

Everyone from Lenny Kravitz to Snoop Dogg has participated in the Autism Rocks campaign, and every entertainer gives a concert free of charge to raise money for the cause. The concerts are amazing events that dazzle every concertgoer, and people who benefit from Autism Rocks concerts are often invited as special guests. Every concert becomes a special event for kids with autism, and Sanjay delights in seeing people have amazing experiences because of the charity.

#3: Autism Rocks Works Worldwide Events

Autism Rocks arranges concerts around the world where entertainers are. Sanjay works with as many stars as he can find, and he makes the concerts easy for every star to attend. The program ensures that many stars will get on stage for every show, and Sanjay attends many of these concerts himself to thank the people who have come out to support the cause.

Sanjay Shah partnered Autism Rocks with his Solo Capital fund to create the largest fundraising tool for autism in the world. Sanjay creates relationships with stars who want to help, and he continues to find new acts who want to participate in the cause.

Learn More About Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov graduated from the INSEAD University with a master’s degree in Business Administration. He has been able to launch various businesses that include New Gas Technologies, A-Ventures, Solvy, and Endemic Capital. In early 2015, he was appointed as the chief operating officer of the Solvy Company, which is an educational system based online.

Alexei Beltyukov is a famous Russian businessperson and a philanthropist. By sheer hard work, he launched the Endemic Capital in 2013. The Endemic Capital was supposed to provide funding to companies that are in their startup phase. As a renowned humanitarian, he has been able to start a range of organizations that are aimed at providing support to the Russians who are interested in attending business school.

Alexei Beltyukov started the A-Ventures Ltd, which is a Russian company that was created to be able to assist other companies with financial aid. He has established the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide support to the young Russians who get accepted at the INSTEAD university. LinkedIn shows that Beltyukov has partnered with the Russian government to make available economic guidance and support using the Skolkovo Foundation. He sits as the vice president of the foundation. The primary objective of the organization is to donate grants and opportunities to the many Russian startups and business people who are interested in expanding their businesses in Russia.

As of now, Alexei Beltyukov is the chairperson of the Mechanicus, a Russian based brand of auto repair. He is known to be a creative business person who is capable of implementing diverse ideas. His broad-based approach to issues has made him succeed in the global business. He has previously worked for McKinsley & Company, where his chief duty involved reforming the Russian rail system. He works hard, and that is why he was able to rise to the position of an Engagement Officer for the company.

Alexei Beltyukov attributes his success in the business world to his high-quality education, which enabled him to understand a variety of business dimensions. The understanding made him formulate the much-needed jump in his career. Because the financial aid he received as a student shaped his success significantly, he decided to give back to the students of his former college. Together with others, Beltyukov formed the Russian Alumni Scholarship that provides donations that help students get through school. The assistance they provide to the university also helps the teachers in cultivating a worldwide perspective and teaching the students cultural diversity.  Follow Alexei’s twitter as the Russian businessman continues to excel.

Dr Sergio Cotes Tours Flooding Area Diinfection Water

Near the center of the city of Xerém, Brazil, State Department of Health Sec. Sergio Cortes discusses his future plans to try to contain what is quickly becoming a major health crisis. Dr. Cortes is in the “Situation Room” a health post for monitoring all health actions in the region. Secretary Sergio Cortes will direct his teams to begin training volunteers and paid state workers to help out with early detection and identification of symptoms of major diseases.

Hepatitis A, Dengue and yellow fever and two viruses. These viruses are the Chikungunya virus in the infamous Zika virus.Sec. Sergio Cortes will be training his teams in a volunteers in the rapid adoption of the febrile syndrome protocol a standardized approach for dealing with patients that are relatively healthy but are suffering from a high fever. Dr. Cortes also is implementing training so that workers help detect patients with the the Zika virus.

Brazil is unfortunately is the epicenter of the 2016 Zika Virus outbreak. The virus has spread from 12 to 24 countries with the last two weeks. Sec. Sergio Cortes is also a medical practitioner and an expert. He has was recently featured in Extra Global where he reached out to citizens asked them to please only drink bottled water into make sure and prepared foods and wash strictly with bottled water. The state is also distributing 10,000 bottles of hypochlorite in a colossal effort to try and decontaminate all standing water that has been accumulated in the area after the recent torrential rains and flooding. Dr. Sergio Cortes is also overseeing the building of seven (7) emergency shelters in Xerém. They are actually called Dengue Hydration Centers and each of them feature 12 stations for hydration and can service up to 300 people per day. Government agencies are passing out 3000 antibiotic tablets out in an effort to begin early treatment.

States Sec. of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes explains that close to 4000 childbirths of children with Microcephaly has occurred since October of last year. Microcephaly has been closely linked to the Zika Virus. The problem is that 80% of patients did not ever show symptoms but when a woman is written by mosquito that is transmitting the Zike virus that she may very possibly pass the virus on to her unborn child. Microcephaly debilitating disease that involves underdevelopment of the head and brain. The Brazilian state health ministry has gone as far ask Brazilian women to try to get pregnant until this situation is resolved.
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