Coffee and Conversation Come Full Circle with Organo Gold

Since its first documented use in the early 10th century, coffee has woven its way into daily life around the world. The use of it has become a defining feature in the international population. Over the years, coffee, and the companies that market their own particular brands market, has become a cultural icon. Today, there are many companies in different countries that tout their own product’s superiority. One brand that is steadily making and name for it self is Organo Gold. Along with many other nutraceutical products, Organo’s mission is to provide healthful supplements and food products to aid in healthy, everyday living.

Organo Gold CEO, Bernado Chua, spearheaded the development of the network marketing branch of Organo and has turned the company from just a health product company to a new network marketing base. This goes hand in hand with the “coffee house vibe” present in today’s social networking sub-culture. In an effort to expand the brand, and to add to its many facilitites, Organo Gold is opening a new coffee shop in Turkey. This is the complete full circle of coffee’s journey around the world since the first coffee shop on record was opened in Turkey not long after the first use of coffee.

There are exciting things on the horizon for Organo Gold as its coffee reclaims its old stomping ground. With Bernardo Chua at the helm, Organo will continue to expand and grow to new locations around the world.


Telecommuting is a way of doing work away from the central place of work. For example, one can do his or her work from home without having to commute to the main work area. The premises where one wish to undertake the work through telecommuting has to be facilitated and connected with technology and other media devices for easier assessment and communication to and from the central workstation. Those people who work from such connected and designated premises are known our telecommuters. Telecommuting technology refers to a situation where telecommuters work inside places that are facilitated with advanced devices like broadband connectors, computers, phone lines and any other electronic devices used to interact and communicate.
Telecommuting technology has brought many advantages to peoples’ lives. The first merit is that people can delegates their work duties without being present at their offices or stations. For example, news reporters and journalists can have their collected reports aired from where they are reporting from without having to travel to the media centers. So, this technology has reduced the cost of production for the media houses as they easily communicate with their reporters and journalists out there who use their devices like laptops and tablets to send in the video footages, photos and recorded sounds to the editors and producers in the central media stations for airing.
Telecommuting technology saves time and makes work easier and more efficient. In early days, one had to commute to the central workstations in order to deliver the field report; this process was tiresome and uneconomical but nowadays with technology, you just scan the documented report and then send it via e-mail to your boss. Now, one can use the saved time to do more productive activities for his or her employer.
Telecommuting technology has also reduced traffic congestion in towns and cities. Every morning and evening it is a disaster to get a cab to ferry employees to their respective workplaces and back home, meaning one had to be late for work. Also when passengers are more, the passenger vehicle operators tend to hike the fare making transport much expensive for commuters. But with improved telecommuting technology where one is allowed to work from his or her home has led to a reduction in traffic congestion in towns and cities making movement much easier and cheaper.
Telecommuting technology also saves on money expenditure. When you commute daily to work it means you have to spend money in terms of fare, but with telecommuting it keeps your food and so you can use the money for other purposes or even keep it for future use.
Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the information technology experts to recognize following his positive contributions to the telecommuting technology. Mr. Kheradpir is the current CEO of Juniper Network; he has helped to improve banking services by introducing mobile money transaction system. Mobile money transfer has reduced queuing in banks and saved customers’ time.

Using Skout As A Dating App

Finding someone to date can be very complicated. It isn’t always easy to hook up with someone else. People who are looking for a long-term relationship wiht someone else often use a variety of methods to interact with others who may be interested in having a relationship with them. This will often include in-person meetings at a church group, time spent at a gym and other ways of meeting people such as attending an alumni get together from one’s school or just going to the local park on a sunny day with a pet and people watching that way.

People in today’s world have also developed other ways to help find someone who might be interested in forming a relationship with them. One of the most popular of all methods is by using apps on their cell phone. An app is an application that lets the user do something such as look up their location on a map, find new restaurants while they are traveling or locate places in the area that offer good coffee. Many people find that the use of such apps is a great way to help them do things in life more easily and with less stress. The simple use of a cell phone can allow them to do all kinds of things even when they are on the go and nowhere near home.

An app can also be used to help find other people. People can download an app that will allow them to interact with others in any given area. This can be an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends. It can also be a great way to expand the person’s pool of potential dating candidates. Those who are looking to find new people in their lives may wish consider downloading an app such as Skout, an app that allows them to connect with others on their own terms. Skout is an app that is extremely popular and has many users. A user can work with the features of the app in order to help them meet new people. Skout allows the user to connect with others both in their own home community and when they are traveling to a new place. The user can contact others who may wish to hook up and start a new relationship. Traveling can be a great way to meet new people. Skout allows the traveler to use the app to connect with others while they traveling.

Using an app in this way can help the user make connections and find people they may not have otherwise met by conventional means. The result can be highly beneficial for both parties. One person can meet new people who are in their area at any given time without the need to go anywhere else. The person who is traveling can use the app in order to locate people in a new region of the country or even an entirely new part of the globe.

Beneful Still Number One In Healthy Pet Food

The Purina Beneful dog food brand offers a lot of great and wholesome nutrition to keep your dog happy and healthy. Beneful was created in 2001 by parent company Nestle Purina PetCare. The food gained a great deal of popularity when it was released, and today it is one of Purina’s best-sellers. Beneful has both wet and dry dog food and doggy treats. Globally, Beneful ranks number 4 of all dog foods, and it currently generates more than $1.5 billion in sales annually.

Beneful offers good, savory food that closely resembles stew. Dogs can enjoy a variety of flavors including chicken, steak, lamb and even salmon. The line receives excellent reviews from pet owners. They all agree that their dogs seem to look much healthier and are more energetic.

The Beneful line was created specifically with pet health in mind. According to a company spokesperson, the name means “Good health.” Nestle Purina Petcare poured an estimated $70 million in the production of Beneful. This includes advertising and plant manufacturing upgrades that are compatible with production. The company introduced many innovative advertising campaigns to elicit responses from the pets. Nestle Purina has done everthing from interactive billboards to commercials with high-pitched sounds only pets can hear.

To capitalize on the massive success of Beneful, the company introduced Beneful Healthy Harvest. Unlike the regular Beneful brand, the Healthy Harvest replaces with protein with soy. The line also has prepared meals and packaging that allows owners to fashion it into a dog food bowl. This package won an award for innovation in 2006.

Beneful, like all of the Nestle Purina PetCare lines are manufactured with the highest quality and standards. The company’s quality control is among the best in the industry. The company’s state-of-the-art laboratories are staffed by the best pet nutritionists in the world. The food undergoes a series of tests to rule out anything dangerous that you dog could possibly ingest.

It is the company’s number one goal to make Beneful and all the other pet foods. The health of your pet is first and foremost. And Nestle Purina would never gamble with the health of any pet.

The Necessity of Pet Care

How many times have you turned on your television or heard a radio commercial on your favorite station about animal cruelty and it nearly brought you to tears? For all of you out there who are pet lovers, this is most likely a constant struggle whenever the SPCA decides to pop on for a quick advertisement. However, if you’re someone who has yet to grace your life with one of those adorable, loving creatures, and you’re in the market for a new family member, it is essential that you thoroughly examine the particulars of pet care.

First, make sure your income allows another mouth to feed. Think of your potential new friend as a child. Would you decide to have a baby knowing that you had insufficient funds to feed, bathe, and house the beautiful gift of life? The answer is, or rather should be, no. Once the pet is acquired, full responsibility for his or her well being–i.e. another life–is placed on your shoulders. Even the cost of health care should be considered before taking the satisfying dive into pet ownership.

Secondly, make sure you know your products. There is a thousand and one pet care related products out there and they all say more or less that they are the best. This is when it’s critical to keep a skeptical mind. Do your research. Make sure that the item you’re about to entrust your pet’s well being with is what it claims to be.

So, what products might be worth your extra time?

In food, perhaps you should start your research with such brands as Beneful Brand Dog Food, Blue Wilderness Cat Food, and Nutri-Berries Bird Feed. Beneful is a popular brand of dog food that offers several different types of delicious and nutritious meals for dogs of all life stages. Blue Wilderness offers grain free cat food in a number of flavors and even has specific bags of adult cat food for felines with weight problems. And for those beautiful natural born aviators there is Nutri-Berries, providing parrots, parakeets, and cocktail birds with the hearty sustenance they need.

In the cleanliness department, you can either buy products to wash your companion or you can shed a few extra dollars to have someone professional do the dirty work for you. Truthfully, if the animal in question doesn’t have any allergies or specific skin problems, you can use just about any brand to bathe your animal and they’ll come out sparkly clean. However, if washing your pet sounds too daunting, you should probably check out groomers like those at PetSmart or any of your local reputable pet grooming facilities.

Lastly, in regards to healthcare, you should definitely look into pet insurance as well as local veterinarian clinics. When trouble strikes, it strikes hard, both financially and emotionally. It costs almost as much to take a dog or cat to the doctor as it does a human being. Sadly, many pets have been euthanized due to their owners not having cash in hand when a medical emergency comes calling. Do your research. Choose the right healthcare provider and insure that you and your little buddy will have many days of cuddling, play, and memories to come.

How Beneful Supports Your Pet’s Health

The health of your pet is important for their well being and their happiness. Knowing that the foods you feed your dog are made of high quality ingredients and do not contain anything harmful in them is an aspect of maintaining their health. The people who manufacture and sell Beneful dog food are pet owners and people who love pets and ant o make feeding your pet the best foods easy.

Playtime and exercise are important aspects of assuring your pet stays healthy. e all love a good game of fetch with our dogs, or a hike out in the wilderness. Although, when playtime is over, your dog will be hungry. Feeding them something they will love is just as important as feeding them something that is good for them.

Purina Beneful knows your concerns, and they work to provide the best choices for your dog. The Beneful line includes both wet and dry foods, as well as a whole line of treats and snacks that will have your dog’s tail wagging eagerly. Hearty roasters, medleys, and even chopped blends are all included in the Beneful line of foods.

Every food also includes choice cuts of beef, chicken, lamb and pork, so your dog ill get the proteins that he or she needs to stay healthy and active. The Beneful line also includes rice, barley, carrots, and green beans so the nutrients from grains and vegetables are also right there in the bag or can.

Beneful also realizes that every dog has a different appetite, so they know not every dog ill be able to consume a hole container in one meal. That is why many of their Beneful tubs are resealable. The discerning pet owner can also choose from a variety of sizes as well. These range from a petite 3 ounce size to a 10 ounce tub.

Keeping your dog healthy also means providing them with snacks and treats. That is no problem with the Beneful line. They have a full scope of treats and goodies that your dog will love. These snacks and treats include a wide variety of flavors that dogs love. Among soe of the flavors to choose from include bacon, cheese, beef, and peanut butter.

The snacks are also widely varied. One can find crackers, savory shortbread cookies, and even crispy snacks that are filled with soft centers. Each of these snacks includes antioxidant rich ingredients and the omega rich fish and meats that ill support a healthy lifestyle.

Beneful understands the importance of maintaining your dog’s health, and they work hard to provide products that will do just that. The always recommend pet owners to get all the facts and to talk to their veterinarian before making any huge choices or changes to their pet’s diet.

What Beneful offers is the reassurance that they have strict quality control measures in place to be sure that every product is safe for your pet. They want to help every dog live a full and active lifestyle.

Qualities Of A Good Entrepreneur


Many people aspire to become entrepreneurs,but unfortunately, it is not that easy. However, becoming successful is not rocket science. Many starting business people always ask themselves what character traits one needs to possess to become successful. This article tries to explore the various characteristics that are essential for any aspiring business person to become successful. To become such, one needs to be hardworking, patient and persistent just to mention a few.

Passionate about the business

Being passionate about the business is an essential characteristic of every successful entrepreneur. This means that one has to love what she or he does because this acts as an inner driving force that enables them to press on even in situations that are not favorable.


Successful entrepreneurship is a gradual process. Things don’t just happen overnight. Therefore, it takes a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance for one to reach the ultimate goal, true to the adage that successful entrepreneurs never quit. Small but steady steps will eventually result in one becoming successful.

Good planning

Sufficient planning is another quality. Before embarking on a business venture, one needs to come up with a strategic plan. The plan lays the basis on how to run the company starting with the goals and objectives and means through which the goals will be met. A simple but actual plan is adequate to get one started.


A good entrepreneur should be an excellent team player. Teamwork has been tested over time and proven to be an exquisite way of achieving common goals collectively. Team members have different qualities and experiences which when pooled together result in effectiveness, efficiency and maximum utilization of resources.

Being dynamic and eager to learn

Experience is the best teacher; therefore, a good entrepreneur should always be ready to learn from others. This will help in generating new ideas and relevant tips on how to keep the business running. It is paramount to interact with successful people who have knowledge in the same field.

Being pro-active

Entrepreneurs should always be on their toes when it comes to the action taking.They should anticipate changes and challenges and, therefore, should always be ready to act on them with immediate effect.

One such exemplary successful businessman is Marc Sparks. He specializes in venture capital funding for start-up businesses. His company Timber Creek Capital provides the much-needed insight into business planning for the businesses. His greatest achievements include but not limited to supporting cell companies and endless charitable deeds.

Marc is also an author. He has written a book on empowering young people to start successful businesses. Not many successful people give back to the society the way this guy does. He has used his extensive experience to build a better future for everyone.

Pain Can Be Reduced After Visiting A Spinal Surgery Center

Spinal pain is never something that is easy for anyone to live with, especially if it gets to the point of needing surgery. Some people suffer from pain in the back area, and they may not even realize that they are having spine pain until a surgical procedure can be performed. It’s possible for spinal pain to be detected without a surgical procedure, but several examinations by a doctor may be necessary. Even if a person isn’t having spinal pain, they may endure back pain that is causing them a lot of grief, and even this type of pain may require surgery.

Everyone has their own way in dealing with pain, and some people deal with it differently than others. Some will take pills to deal with pain that they have, and others may do specific exercises that may help to heal the pain. No matter what, pain is something that can be bothersome, and it can make it difficult to do everyday tasks. Everyone has pain once in a while, but some people end up with chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that persists, and the pain lasts for months at a time. Sometimes, chronic pain does not cease at all unless a person takes medication to help with the pain.

It’s difficult to imagine that anyone could be in pain all the time, but some people do live this way. Those who suffer from back pain may suffer from some of the most chronic pain known to man, and they may not know how to heal the pain. There’s no need to live with pain, especially if one chooses to get help. Everyone will have back pain at point or another, but not everyone has chronic back pain. Any kind of spine or back pain can be helped or even healed with a visit to a reputable spinal surgery facility.

Even back pain that requires surgery can be healed if the person takes action quickly. Even if a person has pain for decades, it’s still possible to get rid of the pain for good. North American Spine is a facility that performs the AccuraScope procedure, which has helped thousands to live a better life. Many who’ve had pain in their back, neck, or spine, they’ve received the AccuraScope procedure. The procedure is quick and easy, and with such a small incision it makes healing time faster.

North American Spine is a specialist location when it comes to the AccuraScope procedure, and many have found healing from the procedure. Instead of living in constant pain, anyone dealing with back pain should seek the help of North American Spine. After having the procedure performed, over 92% percent of patients claim that they would recommend the same procedure to others. There’s no need to feel that back or spine pain must be endured, especially after visiting North American Spine for treatment. Anyone who is living with constant chronic pain in their back, neck, or spine area should take the time to visit North American Spine for treatment.

Dr. Daniel Amen Has Health Advice For Everyone

Having a healthy lifestyle is important if someone wants to be in shape and keep their brain healthy, and Daniel Amen knows that. He has done a lot of work and research to prove to people just how important it is to eat healthy. His most recent work was on a book that was co-written by Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman. The book is titled “The Daniel Plan”, and in it people will find all that they need to know about living a life that is full of healthy decisions.

Dr. Daniel Amen has written many books in the past, and he has handed out a lot of advice to people who are looking for ways to improve their health. He even has advice for people who feel that they don’t have enough money to eat healthy. He says that everyone can eat better if they just try hard enough. He suggests that people who are poorer buy things like pearled barley and oatmeal. These whole grains are cheap and healthy. And, another thing that he suggests for them, is that they buy foods in bulk. It will save them a lot of money in the long run, and that way they will always have something healthy to eat on hand.

Dr. Daniel Amen is full of wisdom when it comes to keeping the brain and body healthy. He is always handing out advice to those that need it, and anyone who is looking to eat better should look up to what he has to say. He is a man who knows nutrition and what is good for the brain and body, and the advice that he has given out over the years is valuable. He offers advice that everyone, poor or rich, can take to make their lives a little bit better.

Invest In the Life of Your Dog

Your dog is an important and loved member of your family. He deserves a healthy and full life. There are some very simple and things you can do as an owner to invest in his health and well-being for the long run. Your canine companion can bring you and your family much joy and comfort as long as you respect his needs.
The first thing you should do as a responsible owner is find a local veterinarian that you trust to take your pet into on a regular basis. Your dog needs to be spayed or neutered for its own health and the health and safety of your neighborhood. Your local veterinarian can also help to administer the required vaccines to keep your new family member healthy in the long run as well as check for parasites and administer any medications needed to prevent parasites. Vaccines must be administered on a regular basis.
Now that your beloved pet is home and healthy with a family doctor to go to for yearly check-ups, there are few more ways to keep him or her healthy. The first is keep him eating right. Just as you feel better when you eat a balanced diet, so does your dog. Choose a healthy nutritious dog food, such as Beneful, for each stage of your dog’s growth. Investing in a quality food is investing in your dog’s health on a daily basis. In addition to a healthy diet, a dog needs a lot of healthy activity as well such as walks outside and vigorous play. Activity not only keeps your pet at a healthy weight, it keeps them from getting bored which can lead to negative behaviors.
Lastly, remember your canine friend needs you took look out for her safety. Never give your dog human medications or table scraps. Instead rely on the advice and medications advised by your trusted local veterinarian and a healthy dog food such as Beneful on facebook. Make sure your dog is secure when traveling in cars and on a leash when taking him or her for a walk. You are the parent to this canine friend. Keep him safe, happy, healthy, and well feed.